Todd (surname)

Todd is a surname meaning "Fox" in Gaelic, and may refer to

*Albert E. Todd, Canadian mayor
*Albert M. Todd, US Representative from the state of Michigan
*Alexander R. Todd, Baron Todd, Nobel laureate in chemistry
*Andy Todd, English football player
*Ann Todd, British actress
*Beverly Todd, American actress
*Bob Todd, British actor
*Brent Todd, New Zealand rugby league footballer
*Caroline and Charles Todd, American mystery novelists
*Charles Todd (astronomer), Australian astronomer
*Charles Burr Todd, American historian
*Charles Lafayette Todd, American folklorist
*Chris Todd, English footballer
*Christine Todd Whitman, American politician
*Colin Todd, English football player and manager
*David Todd, American architect
*David Peck Todd, American astronomer
*David William Todd, English/Australian football player, World Cup 1965
*Emmanuel Todd
*Garfield Todd, South Rhodesian politician
*Hallie Todd, American actress
*H. E. Todd, English children's writer
*J. A. Todd, British mathematician
*James Todd, Canadian settler in British Columbia
*James Henthorn Todd (1805 – 1869), Irish scholar
*Janet Todd, British writer and biographer
*Jasin Todd, American musician
*Jason Todd, fictional character from the DC Universe
*Jim Todd, American basketball coach
*John Todd, one of a number of people including
**John Todd (Virginia) (1750-1782), early Virginia official, and grand-uncle of Mary Todd Lincoln
**John Blair Smith Todd (1814-1872), delegate to US Congress from Dakota Territory
**John Todd (abolitionist) (18??-1894), preacher and 'conductor' on the Underground Railroad
**John Todd (actor) (1877-1957), English-born US actor who played Tonto on the "The Lone Ranger" radio series
*John Todd (mathematician) (1908-1994), British mathematician and geometer
*John Todd (footballer) (b. ~1938), Australian football player
*John Todd (biologist) (b. 1939), Canadian biologist
*John Todd (occultist) (b. ~1950), occultist
*Joseph Todd, American football player
*Josh Todd, American singer
*Kendra Todd, American reality TV winner
*Lance Todd, New Zealand-born British rugby league personality
*Lani Todd, American model
*Lemuel Todd, US Representative from the state of Pennsylvania
*Liquid Todd, American radio DJ
*Malcolm Todd, British historian
*Margaret Todd, either of
**Margaret Todd (golfer), Canadian golfer
**Margaret Todd (doctor), Scottish doctor
*Mark Todd, one of several people including
**Mark Todd, New Zealand equestrian
**Mark Todd, UK member of Parliament
*Mary Todd Lincoln, First Lady of the United States
*Mia Doi Todd, American musician
*Michael Todd, one of several people including
**Mike Todd (1909–1958), American film producer (Todd-AO)
**Mike Todd, Jr. (1929–2002), Son of American film producer Mike Todd and stepson to Elizabeth Taylor
**Michael J. Todd (1957-2008), senior British police officer
**Michael Todd (musician), bassist of Coheed and Cambria
*Mort Todd, American humorist
*Olga Taussky Todd, Austrian-American mathematician
*Pat Canning Todd, American tennis player
*Paul H. Todd, Jr., US Representative from the state of Michigan
*Paula Todd, Canadian journalist
*Richard Todd (born 1919), British actor
*Richard Todd (football player), American football player
*Ron Todd, British union leader
*Ruthven Todd, Scottish poet
*Ruth Todd, American broadcaster
*Sarah Todd, member of the Astor family
*Steve Todd, drummer of metal-band Toranaga
*Steven Todd, Husband of Christine Todd nee Fortis
*Sweeney Todd, fictional character from penny dreadfuls
*Thelma Todd, American actress
*Thomas Todd, American judge
*Tony Todd, American actor
*Walter Edmond Clyde Todd, American ornithologist
*Warwick Todd, fictional cricketer invented by Tom Gleisner

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Todd - surname of Wall of Death riding family in UK from 1930's - 1950's who rode the Wall of Death at the Festival of Britain.

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