3 Apis mellifera lamarckii

Apis mellifera lamarckii

name = Lamarck's honey bee
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Arthropoda
classis = Insecta
ordo = Hymenoptera
familia = Apidae
genus = "Apis"
species = "A. mellifera"
subspecies = "A. m. lamarckii"
trinomial = "Apis mellifera lamarckii"
trinomial_authority = Cockerell, 1906

Lamarck's honey bee or the Egyptian honey bee is a subspecies of honey bee native to the Nile valley of Egypt and Sudan, named after Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. It is considered defensive, low in honey yield and exhibiting good hygienic behavior. It is a dark honey bee with yellow abdomen, and is a small subspecies like the races South of the Sahara. The Lamarck's mitotype can also be identified in honey bees from California.



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