Tick! Tack!

: Forbesii’s maid in the earlier timeline, who is involved in a love triangle. Nerine's 'real' mother.

; Nihongo|Ai|アイ|Ai : Forbesii’s fiancée in the earlier timeline.

; Nihongo|Cineraria|サイネリア|Saineria : Forbesii’s sister, and Lisianthus’s future mother.

; Nihongo|Bark|バーク|Bāku : Forbesii’s butler.


Opening Theme: Be Ambitious, Guys!, by Miyuki Hashimoto.

Closing Theme: Never Say Goodbye, by YURIA.

Insert Song: Pieces, by Miyuki Hashimoto


"Tick! Tack!" received a manga adaptation titled "Tick! Tack!: Never Say Goodbye" which ran in "Comp Ace".

"Tick! Tack!" also has a novel titled "Tick! Tack!":サンダーキックな恋物語 (Story of the thunder kick)

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*languageicon|jp|Japanese [http://www.project-navel.com/navel/ticktack/ Official site]

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