Andrea Bonomì

Andrea Bonomì (1940-) is an Italian philosopher and logician. Born in Rome in 1940, he studied with Enzo Paci. After an initial interest in phenomenology ("Existence and structure: Essay on Merleau-Ponty", 1967), he decided to dedicate himself wholeheartedly to the study of analytic philosophy, particularly the philosophy of language. He was probably among the first, groundbreaking Italian philosophers to make serious contributions to this field.Who|date=August 2008

His major contributions have been concentrated in the area of formal semantics, especially in the field of the logic of epistemic, modal and temporal sentences. In particular, in "Mental Events" (1983), he proposed an original solution to the problem of the intentionality of propositional attitude attributions, based on the idea of "perspectivity": the systematic ambiguity of interpretation which characterizes propositional attitude sentences is explained by way of the contrast between the point of view of the attributor and the point of view of the person who entertains the attitude attributed. Also of notable importance is his semantic analysis of fictitious contexts of language use ("Universes of Discourse", 1979; "The spirit of narration", 1994).

The figure of Bonomì has had a decisive role in the development of analytic philosophy in Italy,Who|date=August 2008 both through his popular introductions and editions of the works of the classics in that tradition ("The Logical Structure of Language", 1973) as well as through his teaching: many Italian philosophers of language went through their period of formation at his school.Who|date=August 2008

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