List of Palestinian universities and colleges

List of Palestinian universities and colleges

This is a list of universities and colleges in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Gaza Strip

*Al-Aqsa University []
*Al-Azhar University - Gaza []
*Al-Quds Open University []
*Islamic University of Gaza []
*Universal Studies Academy []
*Palestine Technical College []
*University of Palestine []

The West Bank

*Arab American University []
*Al-Quds Open University []
*Al-Quds University []
*An-Najah National University []
*Bethlehem Bible College []
*Bethlehem University []
*Birzeit University []
*Edward Said National Conservatory of Music
*Hebron University []
*Ibrahimieh College []
*Palestine Polytechnic Institute []

Other education and research institutions

*Applied Research Institute, Jerusalem []
*Health, Development, Information and Policy Institute
*Institute for Palestine Studies []
*Palestinian Academic Network []
*Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs
*Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education []


* [ Medea’s information files: Palestinian Universities]

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