Yem Sambaur

Yem Sambaur was a Cambodian politician, and prime minister from 1949-50.

Yem Sambaur was once a commissioner of the police and a member of the Cambodian Democratic Party, from which he defected along with 11 other deputies in November, 1948. He then formed a coalition government with Liberal party deputies, who were supported by the French.

After a political scandal involving fishing licenses, Sambaur and his supporters toppled the ruling government and in January 1949, on the recommendation of King Norodom Sihanouk, was appointed Prime Minister.

During his term, he was opposed by the Democrat led Assembly, eventually getting the King to dissolve it in September 1949. However, elections following it were repeatedly postponed, and Sambauer ruled by decree. He continued to support efforts by Shihanouk to gain concessions from the French and move towards independence.

Sambaur resigned in early 1950.

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