Rice baijiu

Rice baijiu (Chinese: 白酒; pinyin: mǐbáijiǔ), also known as rice fragrance baijiu (白酒), is a variety of distilled beverage popular in China. Unlike other kinds of baijiu, it is distilled mainly from rice rather than from sorghum or other grains. This baijiu also has a characteristic rice fragrance.

One famous brand of rice baijiu is called Sanhua jiu (三花酒; literally "three flower liquor"), which is produced in Guilin.


The name "rice fragrance baijiu" may mislead the drinker, who may regard it as simply ordinary baijiu flavoured by rice. In fact, this kind of distilled beverage differs from sorghum-based baijiu in that its main ingredient is rice.

Mibaijiu is also the name of a type of fermented Chinese rice wine produced in the Jiangsu province.[1]

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