BoF or BOF is an acronym for:
* Buffer Overflow, a type of exploit for certain software bugs
* beginning of file, a computing term. See also end-of-file
* Basic oxygen furnace, a furnace used in steel production
* The chemical formula of boron oxyfluoride
* Body-on-frame, an automobile construction technique.
* British Orienteering Federation, the running sport involving navigation with a map and compass
* Board of Finance, a body that reviews local government budgets in USA
* Battalions of Fear, the debut album of Blind Guardian
* Balls of Fury, a comedy film
* Breath of Fire, a video game series
* Balls on Face, or Teabagging, a sexual act
* Baptism of fire (more commonly, Baptism by fire), a soldier's first experience under fire in battle
* Best of Five, a question format commonly used in british medical exams
* Birds of a Feather (disambiguation)
* is also a French slang word.
* Boys Of Florida (Florida,NY) usually as a negative connotation
* boring old fart, a term used by the punk subculture to derogatively designate hippies as established mainstream
* Bit of Fun, a term for "just joking" and also an acronym for the website Bit of Fun

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