Shinagawa Station

Shinagawa Station

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caption=Exterior of Shinagawa Station
address=3-chome, Takanawa
open=1872 (JR)
1924 (Keikyū)
JR East
Tōkaidō Line
Yokosuka Line
Keihin-Tōhoku Line
Yamanote Line

JR Central
Tōkaidō Shinkansen

Main Line
operator=East Japan Railway Company
Central Japan Railway Company
Keihin Electric Express Railway
nihongo|Shinagawa Station|品川駅|shinagawa-eki is the first major station south of
Tokyo Station and isa major interchange for trains operated by JR East, JR Central and Keikyū. The Tōkaidō Shinkansen and other trains to the Miura Peninsula, Izu Peninsula and the Tōkai region of Honshū pass through here. It is known as the southern gateway to Tokyo. Despite its name, it is not located in Shinagawa Ward but just to the north in Minato Ward.

This station is just south of a large yard complex consisting of Shinagawa Carriage Sidings, Shinagawa Locomotive Depot, and Tamachi Depot.


Shinagawa is served by the following lines:
**Keikyū Main Line

*JR Central
**Tōkaidō Shinkansen

*JR East
**Keihin-Tōhoku Line
**Tōkaidō Main Line
**Yamanote Line
**Yokosuka Line

Shinagawa is also the planned terminal for JR Central's Chūō Shinkansen Maglev train, which is scheduled to begin service to Nagoya in the year 2025.

tation layout

The Keikyū line platforms are on the western side of the stationat a higher level than the JR platforms. Some Keikyū line trainsterminate at Shinagawa while others continue on to join the
Toei Asakusa line at Sengakuji.

Keikyū platforms

Bus services

Services are provided by Toei Bus, Tōkyū Bus, Keihin Kyūkō Bus, Tokyo Limousine Bus and others.

West Entrance (Takanawa Entrance)

East entrance (Kōnan entrance)


Shinagawa is one of Japan's oldest stations, opened on June 12 1872 (Gregorian calendar) when the service between Shinagawa and Yokohama provisionally started, fourmonths before the inauguration of "Japan's first railway" between Shimbashi and Yokohama through Shinagawa on October 14, 1872. This line is a part of the Tōkaidō Main Line.Nothing remains of the original structure.

Later on March 1, 1885, the Yamanote Line started operation. Takanawa station of the Keikyu Line (then Keihin Railway Line) opened on March 11, 1924 across the street from Shinagawa station. Takanawa station was renamed Shinagawa station and moved to the current site on April 1, 1933.

The station concourse on the eastern side of the station (located above the platforms) was extensively redeveloped in 2003 in connection with theconstruction of the Shinkansen platforms and also to improve access to thenew commercial development "Shinagawa Intercity" (品川インターシティ [] ).

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