Karra block

Karra block is one of the twenty administrative blocks of Ranchi district, Jharkhand state, India.


Karra is known for its ancient linkage with utter pradesh when merchants 'sahu' came here from Gaziabad of UP and settled here. Primarily they started agriculture work but letter they shifted to trade of local goods like Mahua, Tamarind, Madua(ragi), Dhan(paddy) etc to wholesale markets in Ranchi and Lakhanow(UP). Majority of people here are Munda, Oraon and christians converted from tribes especially Mundas. Other people are Rajput(Ganjhu), Bania, Halwai, Brahmins,Dhobi, Chamar, Nai, Muslims.


Karra is known for its communal harmony also. Recently some rift occurred between some unwanted elements of both Hindu and Muslims but always soothed by concerned people of Karra. Festivals like Dushera, Diwali, Sarhul, Iid, Christmas, Muharram, Ramnawmi, Holi etc is celebrated with cooperation of all communities.Persons like Meghnath Ohdar, Vindeshwari Mishra, Lakhan Sahu, Santosh Sahu, Mahavir Singh, Vinod Pd. Soni, Hakim etc has done commendable work for improving the social value of people of Karra.


* Etwar Bazar- Sunday
* Biphe Bazar- Thursday
* Budh Bazar- wednesdayMarkets brings the daly used articles like cloths, sweets, vegetables, paddy, mahua, madua, fish, hadia(locally made rice beer), rice, salt, ayurvadic drugs, tobacco, laktho( a type of sweet).Karra chawk is a famous spot for marketting of cloths, sweets, hardware and books. Shops like Satish Hardware, Riya shringar store, Bijendra bangali hotel, Kalan store, Riya cloths and sport, Chanchal studio

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