Watts (surname)

Watts is a surname, and may refer to

* Alan Watts, English philosopher
* Alaric Alexander Watts, British poet and journalist
* André Watts, German-American pianist
* Angie Watts, fictional character from "EastEnders"
* Bill Watts, American professional wrestler
* Bobby 'Boogaloo' Watts, American boxer
* Charlie Watts, British drummer of the Rolling Stones
* Chrissie Watts, fictional character from "EastEnders"
* Clem Watts, pseudonym of Al Trace
* Coral Eugene Watts, American murderer
* Daniel Watts, American Green Party politician
* Darius Watts, American football player
* David Watts, British politician
* David G. Watts, British game designer
* David P. Watts, American anthropologist
* Den Watts, fictional character from "EastEnders"
* Duncan J. Watts, American sociologist
* Erik Watts, American professional wrestler
* Ernie Watts, American jazz musician
* Fergus Watts, Australian Rules footballer
* George Frederic Watts, British painter and sculptor
* Helen Watts, Welsh singer
* Ivo Watts-Russell, indie music entrepreneur
* Isaac Watts, British hymnwriter
* Jeff 'Tain' Watts, American jazz drummer
* John Watts, one of several people including
** John Watts (1749–1836), U.S. Representative from New York
** John Watts ("ca."1778–1823), U.S. merchant captain from Virginia
** John Watts, British MP from Slough
** John Watts, postmaster of Oregon and disputed elector in the U.S. presidential election, 1876
** John Watts (musician), British rock musician, founder of Fischer-Z
* Julia Watts, American author
* J.C. Watts, American politician
* Lou Watts, British musician with Chumbawamba
* Mary Stanbery Watts, (born, 1868), American novelist
* Michael Watts, American geographer
* Michael 5000 Watts, American DJ
* Naomi Watts, English-Australian actress
* Nathan Watts, American bass guitar player
* Norman Watts, fictional character from "EastEnders"
* Peter Watts, Canadian author
* Peter Watts (musician), British bass guitar player
* Philip Watts, British businessman
* Quincy Watts, American athlete
* Raymond Watts, American musician and PIG
* Ronald Lampman Watts, Canadian academic
* Sharon Watts, fictional character from "EastEnders"
* Slick Watts, American streetball player
* Stan Watts, American basketball coach
* Susan Watts, British science journalist
* Theodore Watts-Dunton, British poet and critic
* Thomas H. Watts, American politician
* Tim Watts, short film maker
* William Watts of the British East India Company

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*Watt (surname)

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