Ziynet Sali

Ziynet Sali (born on April 29, 1975) is a Turkish Cypriot pop folk singer who has recently produced and became famous in Turkey through songs with lyrics in Turkish and Greek.

Ziynet was born in Cyprus on April 29 1975. Soon afterwards, her family settled in London due to her father's work. In 1981, they returned to Northern Cyprus to live in Dilekkaya, where Ziynet did her studies till high school. In the meantime, she made her first steps in music in the Turkish Classical Music choir of the TRNC Ministry of Culture.

In 1994, she was admitted to the Istanbul Technical University which has a depending academy of music and graduated in 1999. She also acquired singing experience by performing in café or music hall concerts, which eventually led to her working for Dost Müzik, one of the most vibrant pool of musical talents in Turkey in the 1990s. Back from a visit to Cyprus, she proposed and convinced her studio for working together to establish a repertory of songs in Greek for a future album. Three years of commitment as well as the effort put into improving her Greek resulted in Ziynet's becoming a regular performer at Zorba Taverna, one of the prominent Greek-themed venues in İstanbul, and also the album "Ba-Ba". Since then, she has been elected the Best Female Performer in the TRNC and also made a name in both Turkey and Northern Cyprus through songs that display an interesting blend of lyrics in Turkish and Greek. She also produced the album "Amman Kuzum".

Mor Yıllar

Her latest album, "Mor Yıllar", was released in 2006. She recorded "Zordur Oğlum" as the first video from the album.

# Neyse (4:29)
# Mor Yıllar (4:50)
# Zordur Oğlum (3:58)
# Belki De Biz (3:54)
# Psihedelia (3:23)
# İstasyon (5:07)
# Salma Ya Salama (3:48)
# Kırık Saz (5:03)
# Diri dahdar( Mes Stis Polis To Hamam ) (2:08)
# Arhipelagos (3:42)
# Barbagiannakakis (3:04)
# Aşkın Kederi (4:28)
# To Narkotiko Mou (4:00)
# Esi Oti Pis (3:56)
# Treno (3:38)

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