List of people on stamps of Papua New Guinea

The first part of this list is for the stamps of Papua New Guinea issued under that name. The stamps of the precursor entities are treated further below.

Papua New Guinea, 1901-

*Bishop Alain-Marie (1999)
*Wallace Anderson (1965)
*Anne, Princess Royal (1997)
*Lord Robert Baden-Powell (1982)
*Louis Antoine de Bougainville (1999)
*Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (2000)
*Samuel Terarup Cham (1961)
*Julius Chan (2000)
*Charles, Prince of Wales (2002)
*Percy Chatterton (1982)
*Jules Chevalier (1999)
*Diana, Princess of Wales (1998)
*Steve Dagora son of Oala (1932)
*Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom (1961)
*Chevalier Bruni d'Entrecasteaux (1999)
*Johannes Flieri (1972)
*George VI of the United Kingdom (1937)
*John Guise (1996)
*Albert Hahl (1988)
*Harry Hartwig (2001)
*Copland King (1972)
*John Simpson Kirkpatrick (1965)
*Patrick Lichfield (1986)
*Bronislaw Malinowski (1970)
*Princess Margaret of the United Kingdom (2002)
*Ragas Amis Matia (1961)
*William McGregor (1988)
*Jorge De Meneses (1987)
*Sergeant Major Merire (1952)
*Nicolaus de Miklouho-Maclay (1970)
*Mekere Morauta (2000)
*Rabbie L. Namaliu (2000)
*Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1997)
*William Ross, missionary (1976)
*Peter To Rot (1995)
*Pastor Ruatoka (1972)
*Tommaso Salvadori (1970)
*Rudolf Schlechter (1970)
*Sergeant-Major Simoi (1932)
*Bill Skate (2000)
*Michael T. Somare (2000)
*Sun Yat-sen (1996)
*Mother Teresa (1998)
*Luis Váez de Torres (1970)
*Stanislaus Henry Verjus (1972)
*Paias Wingti (2000)

German New Guinea, 1897-1919

No persons were featured on the stamps of German New Guinea.

Netherlands New Guinea, 1950-1962

*Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (1962)
*Juliana of the Netherlands (1950)

New Britain 1914-1915

It previously used the stamps of German New Guinea, and is now a part of Papua New Guinea.
No persons were featured on the stamps of New Britain.

New Guinea, 1925-1939

Australian mandated territory that was formerly a German possession
*George VI of the United Kingdom (1937)

North West Pacific Islands, 1915-1923

These were overprinted Australian stamps prepared in advance for the occupation of captured German territories (which were occupied by Japan) and were used mostly in New Britain, but also in Nauru.

*George V of the United Kingdom (1915)

Western New Guinea, 1962

Under United Nations trusteeship
*Juliana of the Netherlands (1962)

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