CINE is a consortium formulated to depict American life and thought realistically for a global audience. CINE recognizes and fosters the highest quality of non-theatrical film and video production through its semi-annual film competitions.

CINE, founded in 1957, celebrates its first half-century in 2007. The CINE Eagle Award is among the awards CINE has offered since spring 1985. Eagle and Golden Eagle awards are given for a wide variety of film or television genres and amateur, student, professional, and government categories.

Along with these competitions, CINE offers development workshops for established film and video professionals, as well as mentoring programs for students.


In addition to Eagle and Golden Eagle awards, some CINE awards are competitive and some honorary. Competitive awards include The Masters Series Awards and The Award of Excellence. Honorary awards include the CINE Lifetime Achievement Award and the The CINE Leadership Award.

Past winners of the CINE Lifetime Achievement Award included Ted Turner, Sheila Nevins, Sharon Percy Rockefeller, Roger Ebert, and Albert Maysles.

Past CINE Leadership Award included John Hendricks, Tim Kelly, Pat Mitchell, Bill Moyers, Ken Burns, Stanley Nelson, and Bonnie Hammer.

In addition, CINE presents special awards for unique achievements in the industry. Tom and Dick Smothers received CINE's Trailblazers Tribute Award.

Notable CINE Golden Eagle Winners

The following people in the film and television industry have received a CINE Golden Eagle
*Steven Spielberg
*George Lucas
*John Lasseter
*David Grubin
*Barbara Kopple
*Charles Guggenheim
*Ken Burns
*Albert Maysles
*Debra Chasnoff
*James Myer
*Firdaus Kharas
*Steven Fischer

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