1993 in Canada

1993 in Canada

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* Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
* Governor General: Ray Hnatyshyn
* Prime Minister: Brian Mulroney then Kim Campbell then Jean Chrétien
* Premier of Alberta: Ralph Klein
* Premier of British Columbia: Mike Harcourt
* Premier of Manitoba: Gary Filmon
* Premier of New Brunswick: Frank McKenna
* Premier of Newfoundland: Clyde Wells
* Premier of Nova Scotia: Donald Cameron then John Savage
* Premier of Ontario: Bob Rae
* Premier of Prince Edward Island: Joe Ghiz then Catherine Callbeck
* Premier of Quebec: Robert Bourassa
* Premier of Saskatchewan: Roy Romanow


* January 25: Catherine Callbeck becomes premier of Prince Edward Island, replacing Joe Ghiz
* January 28: Six Innu youths from Davis Inlet, aged 11 to 14, are caught on video sniffing gasoline as a suicide attempt.
* February 24: Brian Mulroney announces his plan to resign as Prime Minister
* March 4: Canadian soldiers shoot and kill a Somali man outside their base in Somalia
* March 12: Governor General Ray Hnatyshyn proclaims a constitutional amendment adding section 16.1 to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
* March 16: Canadian soldiers beat to death Shidane Arone, a Somali teenager, in Somalia.
* March 18: Master Corporal Clayton Matchee is arrested in connection with Arone's death
* March 29: Prince Edward Island general election, 1993: Catherine Callbeck's Liberals win a majority. She is the first female premier to lead a party to victory in a general election.
* April 2: The Farm Credit Corporation Act is passed
* June: The Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act and the Nunavut Act are passed leading to the eventual creation of Nunavut in 1999
* June 11: John Savage becomes premier of Nova Scotia, replacing Donald Cameron
* June 15: Alberta election: Ralph Klein's PCs win a seventh consecutive majority
* June 20: A landslide on the South Nation River destroys the abandoned townsite of Lemieux, Ontario
* June 25: Kim Campbell becomes prime minister, replacing Brian Mulroney. She is the first woman to be the country's head of government
* September 16: Canadian forces engage in an intensive firefight with Croatian forces during Operation Medak pocket
* October 4: The Krever Inquiry into Canada's blood system begins
* October 14: The Tories release an election ad that many see as mocking Jean Chrétien's facial paralysis. See 1993 Chrétien ad.
* October 23: The Toronto Blue Jays win back-to-back World Series, the first on Canadian soil, as Joe Carter hit the series-winning home run, becoming the second person ever to do so.
* October 25: Federal election: Jean Chrétien's Liberals win a majority, defeating Kim Campbell's PCs, which are reduced to two seats. Campbell loses her own seat. The Bloc Québécois form the official opposition
* November 4: Jean Chrétien is sworn in as prime minister, replacing Kim Campbell
* A cow suffering from mad cow disease is found in Alberta. It and its herd are slaughtered
* Canadian Major-General Roméo Dallaire appointed commander of the U.N. forces in Rwanda
* Ben Johnson is permanently banned from international competition after again testing positive for banned substances
* Gary Bettman becomes commissioner of the National Hockey League

Arts and literature


* Margaret Atwood, "The Robber Bride"
* Réjean Ducharme, "Dévadé"
* Dave Duncan, "The Stricken Field"
* William Gibson, "Virtual Light"
* Michael Ignatieff, "Scar Tissue"
* Thomas King, "One Good Story, That One"
* Antonine Maillet, "Le nuit des roi"
* Yann Martel, "The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios"
* Farley Mowat, "My Father's Son"
* Robert J. Sawyer, "Fossil Hunter"
* Jeffrey Simpson, "Faultines, Struggling for a Canadian Vision"


* American-born E. Annie Proulx's "The Shipping News" wins the American National Book Award
* See 1993 Governor General's Awards for a complete list of winners and finalists for those awards.
* Books in Canada First Novel Award: John Steffler, "The Afterlife of George Cartwright: A Novel"
* Geoffrey Bilson Award: Celia Barker Lottridge, "Ticket to Curlew"
* Gerald Lampert Award: Elisabeth Harvor, "Fortress of Chairs" and Roberta Rees, "Eyes Like Pigeons"
* Marian Engel Award: Sandra Birdsell
* Pat Lowther Award: Lorna Crozier, "Inventing the Hawk"
* Stephen Leacock Award: Joseph Levesque, "Waiting for Aquarius"
* Trillium Book Award: Jane Urquhart, "Away" and Margaret Atwood, "The Robber Bride"
* Vicky Metcalf Award: Phoebe Gilman


* "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" premieres on CBC


* "Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould" is released


* Bryan Adams, "So Far So Good"
* Jann Arden, "Time for Mercy"
* The Band, "Jericho"
* Big Sugar, "Five Hundred Pounds"
* Blinker the Star, "Blinker the Star"
* Blue Rodeo, "Five Days in July"
* Cowboy Junkies, "Pale Sun Crescent Moon"
* Crash Test Dummies, "God Shuffled His Feet"
* Crash Vegas, "Stone"
* cub, "Betti-Cola"
* Céline Dion, "The Colour of My Love"
* Doughboys, "Crush"
* Eric's Trip, "Love Tara"
* Lawrence Gowan, "...but you can call me Larry"
* Great Big Sea, "Great Big Sea"
* Grievous Angels, "Watershed"
* Hart-Rouge, "Blue Blue Windows"
* The Headstones, "Picture of Health"
* I Mother Earth, "Dig"
* The Inbreds, "Hilario"
* Intermix, "Phaze Two"
* Junkhouse, "Here Lies Happiness" and "Strays"
* King Cobb Steelie, "King Cobb Steelie"
* The Look People, "Crazy Eggs"
* Lost Dakotas, "Sun Machine"
* Sarah McLachlan, "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy"
* Me Mom & Morgentaler, "Shiva Space Machine"
* Moxy Früvous, "Bargainville"
* Odds, "Bedbugs"
* The Pursuit of Happiness, "The Downward Road"
* The Rankin Family, "North Country"
* Rose Chronicles, "Dead and Gone to Heaven"
* Rush, "Counterparts"
* Jane Siberry, "When I Was a Boy"
* Skydiggers, "Just Over This Mountain"
* Spirit of the West, "Faithlift"
* The Tea Party, "Splendor Solis"
* 13 Engines, "Perpetual Motion Machine"
* Shania Twain, "Shania Twain"
* Voivod, "The Outer Limits"


* January 26: Cameron Bright, actor
* January 28: Hollie Lo, actress


* January 26: Jeanne Sauvé, first female Governor General
* February 28: Ruby Keeler, dancer and actress
* April 30: Colin Emerson Bennett, politician
* May 30: H. Gordon Barrett, politician
* August 14: Francis Mankiewicz, film director

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