Sōbu Line (Rapid)

Sōbu Line (Rapid)

Nihongo|Sōbu Line (Rapid)|総武快速線|Sōbu-kaisoku-sen is the express railway service on the Sōbu Main Line between Tokyo and the east coast of Chiba Prefecture, Japan, operated by the East Japan Railway Company (JR East). It runs through the cities of Funabashi and Chiba. As well as the rapid train there are limited expresses and the Narita Express among others. The line is through connected to the Yokosuka Line at Tokyo Station and many trains run through.


* Rapid Service - Frequent service (every 3-4 minutes during peaks, 10 minutes off peak). First service at 4:45 from Chiba, 5:04 from Tokyo. Last service at 23:50 from Chiba, 0:01 from Tokyo. Most services through linked to Zushi or Kurihama on the Yokosuka line. One "Airport Narita" service an hour extends to Narita Airport.
* Commuter Rapid - Two weekday services a day leaving Chiba at 7:15 and 8:09, and one leaving Tokyo at 19:53.
* "Home Liner" - Three weekday services a day to Chiba leaving Tokyo at 21:00, 22:28 and 23:00.
* Limited Express
** "Narita Express" - One or two services an hour.
** "Shiosai" - seven services a day from Tokyo to and from Chōshi.
** "Ayame" - three return services a day from Narita or Sawara to Tokyo (two on weekends).


Rolling Stock

* Rapid Service
** E217 series
* Limited Express
** 253 series
** 255 series
** E257 series

See also

* Sōbu Main Line
* Chūō-Sōbu Line
* Yokosuka Line

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