11th century BC

The eleventh century BC comprises all years from 1100 BC to 1001 BC. Although many human societies were literate in this period, some of the individuals mentioned below must be considered legendary rather than fully historical.


* 1089 BCMelanthus, legendary King of Athens, dies after a reign of 37 years and is succeeded by his son Codrus.
* 1079 BC — Death of King Cheng of Zhou, King of the Zhou Dynasty of China.
* 1078 BCZhou kang wang becomes king of the Zhou Dynasty of China.
* 1069 BCRamses XI dies, ending the Twentieth Dynasty. He is succeeded by Smendes I, who founds the Twenty-first Dynasty.
* 1068 BCCodrus, legendary King of Athens, dies in battle against Dorian invaders after a reign of 21 years. Athenian tradition considers him the last King to have held absolute power. Modern historians consider him the last King whose life account is part of Greek mythology. He is succeeded by his son Medon.
* 1053 BC — Death of King Kang of Zhou, King of the Zhou Dynasty of China.
* 1052 BCKing Zhao of Zhou becomes King of the Zhou Dynasty of China.
* 1051 BC — Saul becomes the first King of Israel.
* 1050 BCPhilistines capture the Ark of the Covenant from Israel in battle. (Approximate date)
* 1048 BCMedon, King of Athens, dies after a reign of 20 years and is succeeded by his son Acastus.
* 1046 BCZhou Wu Wang overthrows the Chinese King Di Xin and founds Zhou Dynasty (1046 BC249 BC).
* 1044 BC — On the death of Smendes I, king of Egypt, he is succeeded by two co-regents, Psusennes I and Neferkare Amenemnisu.
* 1039 BCNeferkare Amenemnisu, king of Egypt, dies.
* 1027 BC — Traditional date for the end of the Shang Dynasty in China.
* ca. 1020 BC — destruction of Troy VIIb2.
* 1020 BCSaul the King becomes the first king of the Israelites.
* 1012 BCAcastus, King of Athens, dies after a reign of 36 years and is succeeded by his son Archippus.
* 1006 BCDavid succeeds Saul the King.
* 1000s BC — Earliest evidence of farming in the Kenya highlands.
* c. 1000 BCLatins come to Italy from the Danube region.
* c. 1000 BC — Archaeological evidence obtained from inscriptions excavated in 2005 dates the Tamil language, a classical language spoken in India.
* 1000s BCPhoenician alphabet invented.
* Zhou Dynasty (1022 BC256 BC) instituted in China.

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