Wheelchair rugby league

Wheelchair rugby league

Wheelchair rugby league is a version of wheelchair rugby based expressly on rugby league. It was developed by French rugby league player, coach and official, Robert Fassolette in 2004.


The game shares many feature with regular rugby league:

*Use of a rugby ball
*Ball may only be passed backwards
*Each team retains possession for six tackles, after which there is a hand-over
*A modified version of the play-the-ball is used after a tackle
*Same offside rules as rugby league
* [http://www.pushandpower.org.au/Rugby%20League%20Rules%202006.pdf The 2006 rules]

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* Wheelchair rugby

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* [http://www.bwtrla.btik.com/home.ikml British Wheelchair Tag Rugby League Association]
* [http://www.therfl.co.uk/community/page.php?id=308&areaid=140 RFL page on Wheelchair rugby league]
* [http://www.skysports.com/video/0,20285,13993_3436120,00.html Boots'N'All feature on Wheelchair rugby league]
* [http://www.efds.net/index.php?incpage=content/news/news164.php English Federation of Disabled Sport]

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