List of Oxbridge sister colleges

List of Oxbridge sister colleges

Most of the colleges forming the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford are paired into sister colleges across the two universities.

The extent of the arrangement differs from case to case, but commonly includes the right to dine at one's sister college, the right to book accommodation there, the holding of joint events between JCRs and invitations to May balls.

Most of the pairings reflect similarities between the two colleges concerned, often parallel histories. For example, University College, Oxford (an ancient and prestigious college, founded 1249) is paired with Trinity Hall, Cambridge (of similar reputation, founded 1350). Similarly, Somerville College, Oxford (founded in 1879 as a women's institution) has Girton College, Cambridge (also historically a women's college, founded 1869) as its sister college. St Catherine's College, Oxford (the most recent undergraduate college in Oxford, founded 1963) is paired with Robinson College, Cambridge (the newest Cambridge college, founded 1977).

Oriel College, Oxford and St John's College, Cambridge also have links with Trinity College, Dublin. Oriel College and St Hugh's College, Oxford, currently each dispute the other's claim to sister college status with Clare College, Cambridge. [ [ Sibling rivalry hits Oxford colleges] ]

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