Black Wednesday (disambiguation)

Black Wednesday is a generic term often used for a Wednesday historical event such as a stock market crash.

* Black Wednesday (1992 UK), when the United Kingdom withdrew the Pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (also named White Wednesday.)
* Black Wednesday (Thanksgiving), for the day "before" Thanksgiving, nicknamed to match the Black Friday after Thanksgiving, e.g., for internet sales started earlier to attract Christmas shoppers and for revelry at the beginning of the four day Thanksgiving weekend.
* Black Wednesday September 17 2008 - The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 449.36 points (or 4.1%), the FTSE 100 dropped 113.2 points (or 2.3%), the NASDAQ dropped 109.05 points (or 4.9%), the NYSE dropped 352.74 points (or 4.5%), and the S&P 500 dropped 57.20 points (or 4.7%).
* Black Wednesday October 8 2008 - The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 189.01 points (or 2%), the FTSE 100 dropped 238.5 points (or 5.2%), the NASDAQ dropped 14.55 points (or 0.8%), the NYSE dropped 82.03 points (or 1.3%), and the S&P 500 dropped 11.29 points (or 1.1%).

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