Ian Wallace (author)

Ian Wallace (author)

"Ian Wallace" was the pen name of science-fiction author John Wallace Pritchard (1912-1998).


Ian Wallace was born in Chicago, Illinois but spent most of his life living in and around Detroit, Michigan. Wallace was a practising clinical psychologist for many years, and also had an extensive background in education. Much of his career was spent working for the Detroit public schools system.

Wallace's mystery and adventure novels were generally set deep in the future, and often included characters with superhuman or telepathic abilities.


Adventures of Minds-in-Bodies

*"Every Crazy Wind" (1952)
*"Pan Sagittarius" (1973)
*"The World Asunder" (1976)
*"The Lucifer Comet" (1980)

The Croyd Spacetime Manoeuvres

*"Croyd" (1967)
*"Dr. Orpheus" (1968)
*"A Voyage to Dari" (1974)
*"Z-Sting" (1978)
*"Megalomania" (1989)

The Claudine St. Cyr Interplanetary Detective Mysteries

*"Deathstar Voyage" (1969)
*"The Purloined Prince" (1971)
*"The Sign of the Mute Medusa" (1977)
*"Heller's Leap" (1980)


*"The Rape of the Sun" (1982)

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