Theban High Priests of Amun (21st and 22nd Dynasty)

While not regarded as a dynasty "per se", the s of Amun at Thebes were nevertheless of such power and influence that they were effectively the rulers of Upper Egypt from 1080 to c.943 BC, after this period their influence declined. By the time Herihor was proclaimed as the first ruling High Priest of Amun in 1080 BC--in the 19th Year of Ramesses XI--the Amun priesthood exercised an effective stranglehold on Egypt's economy. The Amun priests owned two-thirds of all the temple lands in Egypt and 90 percent of her ships plus many other resources. [Peter Clayton, Chronicle of the Pharaohs, Thames & Hudson Ltd., 1994. p.175] Consequently, the Amun priests were, in reality, as powerful as Pharaoh, if not more. One of the sons of the High Priest Pinedjem I would eventually assume the throne and rule Egypt for almost half-a-decade as pharaoh Psusennes I while the Theban High Priest Psusennes III would take the throne as king Psusennes II--the final ruler of the 21st Dynasty.

Third Intermediate Period timeline

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from: -1080 till: -1074 color:HP text:"Herihor" from: -1074 till: -1070 color:HP text:"Piankh" from: -1070 till: -1032 color:HP text:"Pinedjem I" from: -1054 till: -1045 color:HP text:"Masaherta" from: -1045 till: -1045 color:HP text:"Djedkhonsuefankh" from: -1045 till: -992 color:HP text:"Menkheperre" from: -992 till: -990 color:HP text:"Smendes II" from: -990 till: -969 color:HP text:"Pinedjem_II" from: -969 till: -945 color:HP text:"Psusennes III" from: -944 till: -924 color:HP text:"Iuput" from: -924 till: -894 color:HP text:"Shoshenq C" from: -894 till: -884 color:HP text:"Iuwelot" from: -884 till: -874 color:HP text:"Smendes III" from: -874 till: -860 color:HP text:"Harsiese B" from: -860 till: -855 color:HP text:"Unknown" from: -855 till: -845 color:HP text:"Nimlot C" from: -840 till: -835 color:HP text:"Osorkon" from: -835 till: -816 color:HP text:"Harsiese II" from: -800 till: -775 color:HP text:"Takelot"



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