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name = John F. Kennedy School of Government
established = 1936
type = Private
dean= David Ellwood
city = Cambridge
state = Massachusetts
country = USA
students = 1116
faculty= 138
campus = Urban
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endowment=US$1.1 Billion

The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University (also known as Harvard Kennedy School and HKS) [ [ Kennedy School Web site asks what you can do — The Harvard University Gazette ] ] is a public policy and public administration school, and one of Harvard's graduate and professional schools. It offers master's degrees in public policy, urban planning, public administration, and international development, grants several doctoral degrees, administers executive programs for senior government officials, and conducts research in subjects relating to politics, government, and economics.

The School's primary campus is located on John F. Kennedy Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The main buildings overlook the Charles River, southeast of Harvard Yard and Harvard Square, on the site of a former MBTA Red Line trainyard. The School is adjacent to the public, riverfront John F. Kennedy Memorial Park.

Since 2004, the School's Dean has been David Ellwood, who is also the Scott M. Black Professor of Political Economy. Previously, Ellwood was an assistant secretary in the Department of Health and Human Services in the Clinton administration. [ [ Harvard Kennedy School - David Ellwood ] ]


Graduate School of Public Administration

Harvard Kennedy School was originally the Harvard Graduate School of Public Administration, and was founded in 1936 with a $2 million gift from Lucius N. Littauer, a graduate of Harvard College. [ [ Harvard Kennedy School - History ] ] The School drew its initial faculty from Harvard's existing government and economics departments, and welcomed its first students in 1937.

The School's original home was in the Littauer Center north of Harvard Yard, now the home of the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) Economics Department. The first students at the Graduate School were so-called "Littauer Fellows," participating in a one-year course which later developed into the school's mid-career master's program. In the 1960s, the School began to develop today's public policy degree and curriculum.

Renaming and move

In 1966, the School was renamed for President John F. Kennedy. By 1978, the faculty - notably presidential scholar and adviser Richard Neustadt, foreign policy scholar and later dean of the School Graham Allison, Richard Zeckhauser, and Edith Stokey - had orchestrated the consolidation of the School's programs and research centers in the present campus. Under the terms of Littauer's original grant, the new campus also features a building called Littauer.

In addition to playing a critical role in the development of the School's modern era, Neustadt, who at the time served as the Assistant Dean, was also the founding Director of the Harvard Institute of Politics (IOP), created in 1966 in honor of President Kennedy. [Kumar, Martha Joynt. "Richard Elliott Neustadt, 1919-2003: a tribute," Presidential Studies Quarterly, Mar. 1, 2004, pg. 1] The IOP has been housed on the Kennedy School campus since 1978, and today the Institute puts on a series of programs, speeches and study groups for Harvard undergraduates and graduate students. The John F. Kennedy, Jr. Forum in the new Littauer building is both the site of IOP forums as well as a major social gathering place during school days at HKS.



Currently, Harvard Kennedy School offers five master's degree programs. [ [ Harvard Kennedy School - Office of Admissions ] ] The Master of Public Policy (MPP) program focuses on policy analysis, economics, management in the public sector, and policy design. The Master in Public Policy/Urban Planning (MPP/UP) program adds to the MPP track with courses in urban design and affairs, including required studio coursework at Harvard's Graduate School of Design.

There are also three separate Master of Public Administration (MPA) programs: a one-year "mid-career program" (MC/MPA), intended for professionals more than seven years from college graduation; a two-year MPA program intended for more recent graduates; and a two-year International Development track (MPA/ID) focused on development studies, and with a strong emphasis on economics and quantitative analysis. Among the members of the mid-career MPA class are the Mason Fellows, who currently serve as public and private executives.

In addition to the master's programs, the Kennedy School also administers four doctoral programs. PhD degrees are awarded in Political Economy and Government, Public Policy, and Social Policy, in conjunction with the Departments of Government and Sociology in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, as well as in Health Policy, in conjunction with FAS and the Harvard School of Public Health.

Joint and concurrent degrees

Harvard Kennedy School has a number of joint and concurrent degree programs, within Harvard and with other leading universities, which allow students to receive multiple degrees in a reduced period of time. At Harvard, joint degree programs are run with Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School, and concurrent programs are offered with Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Medical School.

Beyond Harvard, there are concurrent degree arrangements with other selective law, business, and medical schools throughout the country. These include: Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College; Columbia Business School; Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University; MIT Sloan School of Management; Stanford Business School; Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania; University of California, Berkeley School of Law; Columbia Law School; Duke University School of Law; Georgetown University Law Center; New York University School of Law; Northwestern University School of Law; Stanford Law School; University of Michigan Law School; University of Pennsylvania Law School; Yale Law School; and UCSF Medical Center. [ [ Harvard Kennedy School - Joint & Concurrent Degrees ] ]


Harvard Kennedy School's course catalog [ [ Harvard Kennedy School - Course Listing (2007-08 Academic Year) ] ] is divided into the following policy areas: Analysis of Policies and Institutions; Strategic Management of Public Organizations; Political Advocacy and Leadership; Business and Government Policy; Crime and Criminal Justice; Environment and Natural Resources; Health Care Policy; Human Resources, Labor and Education; Housing, Urban Development, and Transportation; International Security and Political Economy; International Trade and Finance; Nonprofit Sector; Political Economy and Development; Press, Politics, and Public Policy; Science, Technology, and Public Policy.

Instead of academic departments, the school divides studies into five course areas, each headed by a faculty "area chair." These areas and chairs are:

Management and Leadership - Prof. Mary Joe Bane
International Relations, Science, and Security - Prof. Ashton Carter
Democratic Institutions and Politics - Prof. Alex Keyssar
Social Policy - Prof. Jose Gomez-Ibanez
Markets and Methods - Prof. Christopher Avery

In addition to the courses at Harvard Kennedy School, students are eligible to cross-register for many classes at the other graduate and professional schools at Harvard. Students are also able to take courses at the MIT Sloan School of Management, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, and in urban planning at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Notable professors

* Alberto Abadie
* Graham Allison
* Alan Altshuler
* Matthew Andrews
* Christopher Avery
* Mary Jo Bane
* Bob Behn
* Rand Beers
* Jacqueline Bhabha
* Linda Bilmes
* Robert D. Blackwill
* Robert J. Blendon
* Derek Bok
* George Borjas
* Ashton Carter
* Bill Clark
* Richard Clarke
* Pepper Culpepper
* John D. Donahue
* David Ellwood
* Mickey Edwards
* Jeffrey Frankel
* Jendayi E. Frazer
* Archon Fung
* David Gergen
* Jose Gomez-Ibanez
* Edward Glaeser
* Robert R. Glauber
* Steven Goldsmith
* Merilee Grindle
* Ricardo Hausmann
* Ronald Heifetz
* Philip Heymann
* Swanee Hunt
* Sheila Jasanoff
* Christopher Jencks
* Alex Jones
* Dale Jorgenson
* Marvin Kalb
* Elaine Kamarck
* Nancy Katz
* Juliette Kayyem
* Barbara Kellerman
* Stephen Kelman
* Alexander Keyssar
* William Kristol
* Robert Z. Lawrence
* Christine Letts
* Richard Light
* Jane Mansbridge
* Ernest May
* Pippa Norris
* Joseph Nye
* Thomas Patterson
* Roger B. Porter
* Samantha Power
* Robert Putnam
* Robert Reich
* Dani Rodrik
* Dennis Ross
* John Ruggie
* Mary Ruggie
* Claudine Schneider
* Sarah Sewall
* Frederick Schauer
* Philip R. Sharp
* James H. Stock
* Edith Stokey
* Lawrence Summers
* Monica Toft
* Dennis Thompson
* Stephen Walt
* John P. White
* Julie Wilson
* William Julius Wilson
* Richard Zeckhauser


Harvard Kennedy School is home to 15 centers, several of which are University-wide. [ [ Harvard Kennedy School - Centers ] ]

* Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation [ [ Ash Institute For Democratic Governance and Innovation ] ]
* Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs [ [ Harvard - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs ] ]
* Carr Center for Human Rights Policy [ [ Carr Center for Human Rights Policy | John F. Kennedy School of Government | Harvard University ] ]
* Center for international development []
* Center for Public Leadership []
* Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations [ [ Harvard Kennedy School ] ]
* Institute of Politics [ [ Harvard University Institute of Politics ] ]
* Edmund J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics [ [ Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics : Home ] ]
* Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy [ [ Shorenstein Center Home Page ] ]
* Mossavar Rahmani Center for Business and Government [ [ Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government ] ]
* Rappaport Institute of Greater Boston [ [ Rappaport Institute of Greater Boston ] ]
* Taubman Center for State and Local Government [ [ The Taubman Center: ] ]
* Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy []
* Joint Center for Housing Studies [ [ Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies - Home Page ] ]
* Women and Public Policy Program [ [ Women and Public Policy Program ] ]

tudent life

There is an active student life at HKS, despite the fact that most students are at the School for two years or less. Most of the activities are centered around interest-driven student 'caucuses,' the student government (Kennedy School Student Government, known as KSSG), a student newspaper ("The Citizen"), student-edited policy journals, and a number of athletic groups.

Elections for student government are among the most lively of the activities at the School, as one might expect for a school of government. The KSSG is led by a President, Executive Vice President, functional Vice Presidents and Class Representatives. The KSSG is also responsible for overseeing the interest caucuses at the School.

The courtyard nestled between the main Kennedy School buildings is a key attraction for students who gather there to work on their assignments, have lunch, or relax. During the warmer months, the School frequently sponsors beer and barbecue events which give students the opportunity to socialize. During the colder months, "Quorom Calls" are held in one of the indoor atriums, to celebrate the end of the week with friends.

* [ Kennedy School Student Government homepage]
* [ The Citizen]


Harvard Kennedy School receives high rankings in the U.S. News & World Report list of top graduate schools of public affairs. In the 2008 rankings, the School is ranked second overall and is ranked first in subcategories of public policy analysis, health policy & management, and social policy. [ [ America's Best Graduate Schools 2008: Complete Guide to Public Affairs Programs ] ]

Notable alumni

Government and Politics

* Jonathan S. Adelstein (Fellow '87) - Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission
* Adolfo Aguilar Zínser (MPA ’78) – former National Security Adviser and Mexican Ambassador to the United Nations
* Ami Ayalon (MPA ’92) – member, Israeli Knesset
* Nisrin Barwari (MPA ’99) – Minister of Municipalities and Public Works of Iraq
* Doug Bereuter (MPA '73) - former Congressman, Nebraska
* J. Richard Blankenship (MPA '08) - former U.S. Ambassador to The Bahamas
* André Boisclair (MPA ‘05) - former leader of Parti Québécois; former Quebec Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
* Felipe Calderón Hinojosa (MPA ‘00) - President of Mexico
* Andrew Card (’80) - White House Chief of Staff under President George W. Bush
* Frank Chikane (MPA ‘95) - member, African National Congress; South African adviser to the President
* Henry Cisneros (MPA '73) - former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
* Frances D. Cook (MPA '78) - former U.S. Ambassador to Oman
* David Cunliffe (MPA ’95) - member, Parliament of New Zealand
* John R. Davis, Jr. (MPA '65) - former U.S. Ambassador to Poland
* Tsakhiagiyn Elbegdorj (MPA ‘02) - former Prime Minister of Mongolia
* Theodore L. Eliot, Jr. (MPA '56) - former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan
* Anna Escobedo Cabral (MPA ‘90) - Treasurer of the United States
* José María Figueres (MPA ‘91) - former President of Costa Rica, CEO of the World Economic Forum
* Robert S. Gelbard (MPA '79) - former U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia and Bolivia
* Hector Gramajo (MPA ‘95) – former Defense Minister of Guatemala
* Katherine Harris (MPA ‘97) – member, U.S. House of Representatives, 13th District of Florida; former Florida Secretary of State
* Brian Higgins (MPA '96) - member, U.S. House of Representatives, 27th District of New York
* Bob Holden (Fellow) - former Governor of Missouri
* Stephen Horn (MPA '55) - former Congressman, California
* Rafael Hui (MPA ‘83) – former Chief Secretary for Administration of Hong Kong
* Vuk Jeremić (MPA/ID ’03) - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia
* Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (MPA ‘71) - President of Liberia
* Shane Jones (MPA '91) - member, Parliament of New Zealand, and chair of finance committee
* Raymond W. Kelly (MPA '84) - New York City Police Commissioner
* Lim Hng Kiang (MPA ‘85) - Minister for Trade and Industry of Singapore; member of the Cabinet of Singapore
* Ban Ki-moon (MPA ‘84) – United Nations Secretary General
* Madeleine M. Kunin (Fellow) - former Governor of Vermont
* Jim Langevin (MPA '94) - member, U.S. House of Representatives, 2nd District of Rhode Island
* John P. Lewis (MPA '43) - Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers
* Joseph Limprecht (MPA '81) - former U.S. Ambassador to Albania
* Lee Hsien Loong (MPA ‘80) - Prime Minister of Singapore
* Leopoldo Lopez (MPP ’96) - mayor of Chacao municipality, Caracas, Venezuela
* Stephen F. Lynch (MPA ‘99) – member, U.S. House of Representatives, 9th District of Massachusetts
* Miguel de la Madrid (MPA ‘65) - former President of Mexico
* Nabiel Makarim (MPA '84) - former Minister of the Environment of the Republic of Indonesia
* Jamil Mahuad (MPA '89) - former President of Ecuador
* John T. McCarthy (MPA '73) - former U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia
* Mark McClellan (MPA ‘91) – former head of Medicare and Medicaid
* Francis J. Meehan (MPA '57) - former U.S. Ambassador to East Germany
* Toshimitsu Motegi (MPA '83) - Financial Services Minister of Japan
* Jim Moody (MPA '67) - former Congressman, Wisconsin
* Daniel Mudd (MPA '86) - Former President and CEO of Fannie Mae
* George Muñoz (MA '78) - former CFO of the U.S. Department of Treasury; former president and CEO of OPIC
* Elizabeth (Betsy) Myers (MPA ’00) – Chief Operating Officer, Obama for America
* Andrew Natsios (MPA '79) former U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan
* Christine Nixon (MPA ’85) - Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police
* Herbert S. Okun (MPA '59) - former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
* Francis Pangilinan (MPA ’98) - Senator and the Majority Leader of the Senate of the Philippines
* Marcus Peacock (MPP ’86) - Deputy Administrator, United States Environmental Protection Agency
* Larry Pressler (MPA ’66) - former U.S. Senator from South Dakota
* William Proxmire (MPA '48) - former U.S. Senator from Wisconsin
* Jack Reed (MPP ’73) - U.S. Senator from Rhode Island
* Angelo Reyes (MPA ’90) - Secretary of the Department of Energy of the Philippines; former Secretary of National Defense of the Philippines
* Barbara Roberts (Fellow) - former Governor of Oregon
* Eduardo Rodríguez (MPA '88) - former President of Bolivia
* Carlos Salinas de Gortari (MPA ’73, Phd ‘76) - former President of Mexico
* Joe Sestak (MPA '84) - member, U.S. House of Representatives, 7th District of Pennsylvania
* Faryar Shirzad (MPP ’89) - U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor
* Yasuhisa Shiozaki (MPA ‘82) – former Chief Cabinet Secretary, Japan
* Rob Simmons (MPA '79) - former Congressman, Connecticut
* Mike Sullivan (Fellow '96) - former Governor of Wyoming
* Frederick Sumaye (MPA '07) former Prime Minister of Tanzania
* Syahrir (MPA ’80, PhD ‘83) - Economic Advisor in the Republic of Indonesia's Council of Presidential Advisors
* William B. Taylor, Jr. (MPP '77) - U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine
* Frank Tejeda (MPA '80) - former Congressman, Texas
* James D. Theberge (MPA '65) - former U.S. Ambassador to Chile
* Peter G. Torkildsen (MPA '90) - former Congressman, Massachusetts
* Robert Torricelli (MPA '80) - former U.S. Senator from New Jersey
* Pierre Elliott Trudeau (MA '45, GSPA) - former Prime Minister of Canada
* Donald Tsang (MPA ’82) - Hong Kong Chief Executive
* Paul Tsongas (MPA '74) - former U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
* Chris Van Hollen (MPP ’85) - member, U.S. House of Representatives, 8th District of Maryland
* Paul Volcker (MA ‘51, GSPA) – former chairman of the Federal Reserve
* Earl Anthony Wayne (MPA '84) - U.S. Ambassador to Argentina
* Kevin White (MA '57, GSPA) – former mayor of Boston
* David Wilhelm (MPP '90) - campaign manager, Clinton/Gore '92
* Anthony A. Williams (MPP/JD ’87) – former mayor of Washington, D.C.
* Robert Zoellick (MPP/JD '81) - President of the World Bank; former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, and U.S. Trade Representative


* Nicholas Boles (MPP ‘89) - former director of Policy Exchange
* Lester R. Brown (MPA '62) - founder and President of the Earth Policy Institute
* Nancy LeaMond (MCP '74) - Executive Vice President, AARP
* Nancy Lindborg (MPA ’92) - President of Mercy Corps
* Jean Martin-Weinstein (MPP '96) - Managing Director, Corporate Leadership Council
* Kelly Overton (MPA '06) - Writer and Managing Director of Save the Chimps and founder of People Protecting Animals & Their Habitats
* Michelle Rhee (MPP ’97) - founder of The New Teacher Project; Chancellor of the Washington, D.C. public school system


* Christopher C. Ames (MPA '91) - United States Navy, Rear Adm.
* Andrew F. Krepinevich, Jr. (MPA '80) - United States Army, Lt. Col.; author of "The Army and Vietnam"


* William Alonso (MCP ’56) – economist, former director of Harvard Center for Population Studies
* Douglas Anderson (MPA ’76, PhD ’78) – Dean, Utah State University Huntsman School of Business
* Lawrence S. Bacow (MPP '76, PhD '76) – President of Tufts University
* Steve Charnovitz (MPP '83) - Associate Professor at George Washington University
* Ira Jackson (MPA ‘86) – Dean, Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management at Claremont Graduate University
* Robert Kagan (MPP '91) - co-founder, Project for a New American Century
* Mark Lilla (MPP ’80) – Professor of humanities, Columbia University
* Joan Parrott-Fonseca (MPA '98) - Dean, School of Business, Medger Evers College, CUNY
* Henry Richardson (MPP '81) - Professor of philosophy at Georgetown University
* Mary Sansalone (MPA '99) - Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Washington University
* Donald M. Stewart (MPA '69) - former president of Spelman College
* Stephen Joel Trachtenberg (MPA '66) - former president of George Washington University
* Jonathan Zittrain (MPA/JD '95) - professor, Harvard Law School; co-founder Berkman Center at Harvard


* Kevin Corke (MPA '04) - NBC News national correspondent
* Beth Knobel (MPP '87, PhD '92) - CBS News Moscow correspondent
* Bill O'Reilly (MPA ’96) - host, the O'Reilly Factor
* Andrew Sullivan (MPA ‘86, PhD) – journalist, The Atlantic Monthly


* Gregory C. Carr (MPP '86) - founder, Boston Technology
* Leonard S. Coleman, Jr. (MPA '75) - former president of the National League
* Gregory B. Kenny (MPA '82) - CEO of General Cable
* Bruce Kovner (? ’71) – founder and Chairman, Caxton Associates
* Debra L. Lee (MPP/JD '80) - President and CEO, Black Entertainment Television
* Daniel N. Mendelson (MPA '90) - President, Avalere Health
* David Morehouse (MPA '99) - President, Pittsburgh Penguins
* Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani (MPA '82) - Chairman, Mondoil Enterprises
* Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg (MPA '71) - founder, President, CEO of Strategic Investment Group
* Judith C. Pelham (MPA '75) - former CEO of Trinity Health
* Jerome Rappaport (MPA '63) - founder and Chairman, the New Boston Fund
* Klaus Schwab (MPA ’67) – founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum
* Mark Schwartz (MPP '79) - former CEO of Soros Fund Management
* George Williams (MPA '75) - Williams Partners, Inc.


* Hill Harper (MPA/JD ‘92) - Actor

ee also

* Harvard University people

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* [ Harvard Kennedy School homepage]


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