Julia Caesaris (sister of Julius Caesar)

Julia is the name of two daughters of proconsul Gaius Julius Caesar and Aurelia Cotta, the parents of dictator Gaius Julius Caesar. The sisters were born and raised in Rome.

The eldest of the two is sometimes named "Julia Major" ("Major" Latin for "the elder") by historians (but not to be confused with Julia the Elder, daughter of Emperor Augustus). Likewise, the younger of the two sisters of Julius Caesar is sometimes named "Julia Minor", ("Minor" Latin for "the younger") but not to be confused with Julia the Younger, Augustus‘ first granddaughter.

First Elder Sister of Julius Caesar

The elder of the two sisters of Julius Caesar the dictator, married, but in what order is uncertain, Lucius Pinarius, of a very ancient patrician family [Livy "Ab Urbe condita" i. 7 [http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/10828] ] , and Quintus Pedius, by each of whom she had at least one son. [App. "B. C." iii. 22, 23; Suetonius " [http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Roman/Texts/Suetonius/12Caesars/Julius*.html Life of Julius Caesar] " 83.] It is not known if it was the elder or the younger of the dictator's sisters who gave evidence against Publius Clodius Pulcher, when impeached for impiety in 61 BC. [Suet. "Caes." 74; Schol. Bob. "in Clod." p. 337, Orelli.] Not much is known on the life of the elder sister or whether if she had married the above named people.

econd Eldest Sister of Julius Caesar

Julia (101 BC-51 BC) was the second sister of Julius Caesar. This Julia married Marcus Atius Balbus, a praetor and commissioner who came from a senatorial family of plebs status. Julia bore Balbus three daughters and they were:
* Atia Balba Prima - mother of Quintus Pedius who served as a general and consul.
* Atia Balba Caesonia - mother of first Emperor Augustus and of Octavia Minor (fourth wife of triumvir Mark Antony) .
* Atia Balba Tertia - mother of Lucius Pinarius, who was a political supporter of Mark Antony.

Julia and her mother had given the court a detailed and truthful account about the affair between Pompeia (her sister-in-law) and politician Publius Clodius Pulcher. Caesar divorced Pompeia over the scandal. Balbus died in 52 BC and Julia died a year later. Julia’s youngest grandson and grandchild then known as Octavian (future Emperor Augustus) at age 12 to her honor delivered her funeral oration as her funeral.


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