List of people on stamps of Ireland

This is a list of people on the postage stamps of the Irish Free State between 1922 and 1937 and on the postage stamps of Ireland since 1937, including the years when they appeared on a stamp.

Because no postage stamps had been designed, the first Irish stamps issued were the current British definitive postage stamps depicting a portrait of George V that were overprinted "Railtas Sealadaċ na hÉireann 1922" and issued on 17 February, 1922. The overprint was later changed to "Saorstát Éireann 1922".

The Irish Free State issued the first commemorative stamps depicting a person on June 22, 1929 when "Ofig an Phoist", the Irish Post Office, a section of the Department of Posts and Telegraphs, issued a set of three stamps showing Daniel O'Connell.

The Department of Posts and Telegraphs and, after 1984, An Post designed stamps showing statesmen, religious, literary and cultural figures, athletes, etc. Until the mid-1990s it was usual policy not to issue stamps showing living persons, the only exceptions being Douglas Hyde (stamp 1943, d. 1949) and Louis le Brocquy (stamp 1977, still alive in 2007), but this policy has been put aside and there have recently been several issues showing living persons. For the Millennium, 30 Millennium stamps were issued showing living Irish sportsmen.


1929 Daniel O'Connell 1943 Sir William Rowan Hamilton
1937 Saint Patrick 1944 Edmund Ignatius Rice
1939 George Washington 1948 Wolfe Tone
1943 Douglas Hyde 1949 James Clarence Mangan


1952 Thomas Moore 1957 Admiral William Brown
1953 Robert Emmet 1957 Father Luke Wadding
1954 Cardinal John Henry Newman 1958 Mother Mary Aikenhead
1956 Commodore John Barry 1958 Thomas J. Clarke
1957 John Redmond 1959 Arthur Guinness
1957 Thomas O'Crohan


1965 William Butler Yeats 1966 Éamonn Ceannt
1966 Thomas Clarke 1966 Joseph Mary Plunkett
1966 Seán Mac Diarmada 1966 Roger Casement
1966 Pádraig Pearse 1967 Jonathan Swift
1966 James Connolly 1968 Countess Markievicz
1966 Thomas MacDonagh 1969 Mahatma Gandhi


1970 Kevin Barry 1977 Jack Butler Yeats
1970 Terence MacSwiney 1977 Johannes Scottus Eriugenus
1970 Thomas MacCurtain 1977 Louis le Brocquy
1971 John Millington Synge 1978 Catherine McAuley
1974 Edmund Burke 1978 William Orpen
1974 Oliver Goldsmith 1979 Pádraig Pearse
1976 Alexander Graham Bell 1979 Pope John Paul II
1976 Benjamin Franklin 1979 Rowland Hill
1976 James Larkin


1980 George Bernard Shaw 1984 St. Brendan
1980 Oscar Wilde 1985 Charles Stanford
1980 Seán O'Casey 1985 Turlough Carolan
1980 Saint Jean Baptiste de la Salle 1985 George Frideric Handel
1981 Charles Parsons 1985 Giuseppe Domenico Scarlatti
1981 Harry Ferguson 1985 Johann Sebastian Bach
1981 James Hoban 1985 Thomas Ashe
1981 Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa 1985 George Berkeley
1981 John Holland 1986 Arthur Griffith
1981 Robert Boyle 1986 William Mulready
1982 St. Francis of Assisi 1987 Canon John Hayes
1982 Francis Makemie 1987 Mother Mary Martin
1982 Pádraic Ó Conaire 1987 Cathal Brugha
1982 John Field 1988 Sidney Nolan
1982 James Joyce 1988 Robert O'Hara Burke
1982 Charles Kickham 1988 Barry Fitzgerald
1982 Éamon de Valera 1988 W. T. Cosgrave
1983 Pádraig Ó Siochfhradha 1988 John F. Kennedy
1983 Seán Mac Diarmada 1989 Seán T. O'Kelly
1983 St. Vincent de Paul 1989 Jawaharlal Nehru
1983 Andrew Jackson 1989 Margaret Burke Sheridan
1984 John McCormack


1990 Michael Collins 1994 William Butler Yeats
1991 General Godart van Ginkel 1995 Guglielmo Marconi
1991 Patrick Sarsfield 1995 Bartholomew Mosse
1991 John A. Costello 1996 Louie Bennett
1991 Charles Stewart Parnell 1996 Lady Augusta Gregory
1993 Edward Bunting 1996 Stanley Woods
1994 Edmund Ignatius Rice 1996 Artie Bell
1994 Edmund Burke 1996 Alec Bennett
1994 Eamonn Andrews 1996 Robert Dunlop & Joey Dunlop
1994 George Bernard Shaw 1996 Michael Davitt
1994 Samuel Beckett 1996 Thomas A. McLoughlin
1994 Seán McBride
1996 Centenary of Irish Cinema Brenda Fricker as Mrs Brown in "My Left Foot"

1996 Centenary of Irish Cinema Daniel Day-Lewis as Christy Brown in "My Left Foot"

1996 Centenary of Irish Cinema Robert Arkins as Jimmy Rabbitte in "The Commitments"

1996 Centenary of Irish Cinema Angeline Ball as Imelda Quirke in "The Commitments"

1996 Centenary of Irish Cinema Maria Doyle Kennedy as Natalie Murphy in "The Commitments"

1996 Centenary of Irish Cinema Bronagh Gallagher as Bernie McGloughlin in "The Commitments"

1996 Centenary of Irish Cinema Richard Harris as 'Bull' McCabe in "The Field"

1996 Centenary of Irish Cinema Sean Bean as Tadgh McCabe in "The Field"

1996 Centenary of Irish Cinema John Hurt as The 'Bird' O'Donnell in "The Field"

1996 Centenary of Irish Cinema Colman 'Tiger' King as A Man of Aran in "Man Of Aran"

1996 Centenary of Irish Cinema Maggie Dirrane as His Wife in "Man Of Aran"

1996 Centenary of Irish Cinema Michael Dirrane as Their Son in "Man Of Aran"

1997 75th Anniversary of Irish Free State Linda Martin Singer

1997 75th Anniversary of Irish Free State Sonia O'Sullivan Athlete

1997 75th Anniversary of Irish Free State Alan Gough Soccer Player

1997 75th Anniversary of Irish Free State Damien Hogan Garda

1997 75th Anniversary of Irish Free State Marie Egan Garda

1997 75th Anniversary of Irish Free State Brendan Walsh Garda

1997 Kate O'Brien 1999 Seán Flanagan Millennium GAA Team
1997 St. Columcille 1999 Sean Murphy Millennium GAA Team
1997 Daniel O'Connell 1999 J. J. O'Reilly Millennium GAA Team
1997 John Wesley 1999 Martin O'Connell Millennium GAA Team
1998 Lady Mary Heath nee Sophie Catherine Pierce 1999 Mick O'Connell Millennium GAA Team
1998 Col. James Fitzmaurice 1999 Tommy Murphy Millennium GAA Team
1998 J.P. "Paddy" Saul 1999 Seán O'Neill Millennium GAA Team
1998 Capt. Charles Blair 1999 Seán Purcell Millennium GAA Team
1998 Theobald Wolfe Tone 1999 Pat Spillane Millennium GAA Team
1998 Henry Joy McCracken 1999 Mikey Sheehy Millennium GAA Team
1999 Micheál MacLiammóir 1999 Tom Langan Millennium GAA Team
1999 Siobhán McKenna 1999 Kevin Heffernan Millennium GAA Team
1999 Noel Purcell 1999 Grace Kelly of Monaco
1999 Seán Lemass 1999 Jesse Owens
1999 St. Francis Xavier 1999 John Fitzgerald Kennedy
1999 Dan O'Keefe Millennium GAA Team 1999 Mother Teresa
1999 Enda Colleran Millennium GAA Team 1999 John McCormack
1999 Joe Keohane Millennium GAA Team 1999 Nelson Mandela


2000 Irish Independence W. T. Cosgrave 2001 Padraic Cummins
2000 Irish Independence Éamon de Valera 2001 Jack O'Shea
2000 Irish Independence John A. Costello 2002 Packie Bonner
2000 Irish Independence Seán Lemass 2002 Roy Keane
2000 Rev Nicholas Callan 2002 Paul McGrath
2000 Thomas Alva Edison 2002 David O'Leary
2000 Albert Einstein 2002 Padre Pio
2000 Marie Curie 2002 Peter Mc Dermot
2000 Galileo Galilei 2002 Jimmy Smyth
2000 Oscar Wilde 2002 Matt Connor
2000 Ludwig van Beethoven 2002 Seanie Duggan
2000 Ninette de Valois 2002 U2: Bono
2000 James Joyce 2002 U2: The Edge
2000 Lady Lavery 2002 U2: Adam Clayton
2000 William Shakespeare 2002 U2: Larry Mullen Jr.
2000 Lory Meagher 2002 Phil Lynott
2000 Eddie Keher 2002 Van Morrison
2000 Paddy Phelan 2002 Rory Gallagher
2000 Jim Langton 2003 St. Patrick
2000 Christy Ring 2003 Shauna Bradley
2000 Jack Lynch 2003 Michael Breen
2000 Ray Cummins 2003 Ezra Canty
2000 John Doyle 2003 Michael Mullins
2000 Tony Reddin 2003 Robert Emmet
2000 Jimmy Doyle 2003 Thomas Russell
2000 Bobby Rackard 2003 Anne Devlin
2000 Nick O'Donnell 2003 James Barry
2000 Mick Mackey 2003 Frank O'Connor
2000 Brian Whelehan 2003 Ernest Walton
2000 John Keane 2003 Admiral William Brown
2001 Charles Lindbergh 2003 Commodore John Barry
2001 James Cook 2003 Captain Robert Halpin
2001 Robert O'Hara Burke 2003 Captain Richard Roberts
2001 Marco Polo 2003 Pope John Paul II
2001 Ernest Shackleton 2004 St. Patrick
2001 Gay Byrne 2004 Ernest Shackleton
2001 Éamon de Valera 2004 William Butler Yeats
2001 Micheál Ó Hehir 2004 George Bernard Shaw
2001 Peter Lalor 2004 Samuel Beckett
2001 Ned Kelly 2004 Seamus Heaney
2001 Nicky Rackard 2004 Patrick Kavanagh
2001 Frank Cummins 2004 George Fox

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