BETA (Muv-Luv)

The Beings of the Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race or BETA are a fictional extraterrestrial lifeform in the Muv-Luv computer games.

Muv-Luv Unlimited and Alternative take place in alternate worlds where the BETA invaded Earth in 1973 after arriving on the Moon in 1967 and being spotted on Mars in 1958. By 2001, the world population is down to 1 billion people. When they first arrived in Japan in 1998, 36 million people were dead within a week. They vary greatly in size, the smallest identified strains (soldier-class) being around three metres tall, and the largest identified strains (fort-class) at over sixty metres tall. They cannot fly, and so shoot down anything that does, rendering aircraft useless and making evacuation a lot more difficult.

Their very existence is shrouded in mystery. All that mankind knows of them during Unlimited and at the start of Alternative is that they are (obviously) hostile, are carbon-based lifeforms (this was discovered when specimens were examined in Alternative 2), and don't consider humans to be living beings (this was found out through Soviet psychics' readings in Alternative 3).

We find out more about the BETA from Takeru's conversation with the Superior (上位存在, "Jouisonzai", also referred to as "Target A"/あ号標的, "A-gou hyouteki") at the end of Alternative. They do not consider humans to be life-forms because we are carbon-based- They do not consider themselves to be life-forms, as they are actually biological weapons created by a being known only as the "Creator" (創造主 "Souzoushu"), a silicon-based life-form, and so only consider silicon-based entities to be life-forms (the superior states that it is impossible for carbon-based life-forms to occur naturally). They consider humans to be resources to be recycled.

Also, there are apparently at least 1037 BETA scattered throughout the universe. From what the Superior says, it sounds like this refers to the number of BETA, but Takeru takes it to refer to the number of Superiors; if it is indeed the latter, and each Superior has a number of BETA under it equal to that of Earth's, that would mean there are probably around 1037+1037x710 to 1037+1037x910 BETA in existence.

They have been likened to the space monsters of Top wo Nerae! (and to a lesser extent, the Buff Clan of Ideon)- Their biggest strength is in their numbers and they are really ugly.

Types of BETA

Identified Strains

Mankind has identified seven strains of BETA. Ultimately, these are only what have been identified, and there are (probably many) more.

*Laser-class BETA Luxcius: Duo oculus "Lux"
*:3.0 metres tall.
*:Easily taken down with 36mm cannons.
*:Fire lasers from their giant eyes, effective against targets of up to height 10000 metres and range 30000 metres.
*:The interval between shots is 12 seconds.
*:They can start to target objects 380000 metres away.
*:They never, ever hit allies.

*Heavy laser-class BETA Magnus Luxcius: Unioculus "Magnus Lux"
*:21.0 metres tall (excluding the cooling wings)
*:Easily taken down with 120mm cannons.
*:Fire lasers from their giant eyes, effective against targets of up to height 500 metres and range of ever 100000 metres.
*:The interval between shots is 36 seconds.
*:They never, ever hit allies.

*Grappler-class BETA Rrabidusius: Bracchium acutas "Medium"
*:12.0 metres tall
*:Armed with two extremely tough forearms, with hardness 15 on the Mohs scale, which they use to batter enemies to death.
*:The BETA's main force in battles against mechanized infantry and senjutsuki.

*Destroyer-class BETA Impestusis: Arma duras "Ruitare"
*:16.0 metres tall
*:They have extremely tough armour, with hardness 15 on the Mohs scale in front. As such, even 120mm cannons are useless on them.
*:The armour on their foreheads is used as weapons when they ram into enemies, and such attacks are more powerful than the Mediums' arms', as the Ruitare can reach max running speeds of 170km/h.
*:However, it is hard for them to control their movement once running, and they turn around very slowly.
*:From behind, even 36mm cannons work.

*Fort-class BETA Pergrandium: tria corpus "Gravis"
*:66.0 metres tall
*:The largest of the seven confirmed strains.
*:120mm cannons and close-range combat are effective.
*:Their attacks with their ten legs are extremely powerful, and can easily take out a senjutsuki in one hit.
*:Each also has a 50-metre long tentacle attached to its rear end, with a Mohs 15 stinger on the end which secretes an extremely strong acid.
*:They can also carry the smaller BETA inside them.

*Tank-class BETA Manderium: Ungulam crus "Equus pedis"
*:2.8 metres tall
*:One of the smaller strains. Anti-personnel, but they can also fight senjutsuki when in large numbers.
*:Very light armoured; even the heavy machineguns issued to infantry are effective against them.
*:Have very powerful mouths which can bite through senjutsuki armour.

*Warrior-class BETA Agilisis: Naris prolix "Barrus naris"
*:2.5 metres tall
*:One of the smaller strains. Anti-personnel, and ineffective against senjutsuki.
*:Extremely lightly armoured; even handguns and rifles are effective on them. However, it is hard to actually hit them due to their agility.
*:Their trunk-like arms can easily pull a man's head off.

*Soldier-class BETA Venarius: Caput grande "Venator"
*:2.3 metres tall
*:One of the smaller strains. Anti-personnel, and ineffective against senjutsuki and mechanized infantry.
*:Their arm strength is several times the average human's.
*:It has been confirmed that they are made from recycled organic materials (i.e.- humans who were captured or eaten), but it is not specified if that applies to just this strain or to all BETA.

Unidentified Strains

*The Superior ("上位存在"/"joui sonzai", what it called itself when talking through Sumika/Kasumi)
*:Known to mankind as Operation Ouka's "Target A" (あ号標的, "A-gou hyouteki")
*:Also referred to as the Original Hive's core.
*:The Original Hive's hive reactor, residing in the great area surrounded by four halls.
*:Commands all BETA forces on Earth.
*:Refers to itself as, a "superior existence" (literal translation of "上位存在"), and to the lower BETA as "existences" ("存在", "sonzai").

*Reactor ("反応炉")
*:The hive reactors, actually another strain of BETA.
*:One is found in each hive's hall.
*:Recharges the various lower BETA strains' energy.
*:Acts as a life support system for captured carbon-based life-forms.
*:Relay orders from the superior.

*Barrier ("隔壁"/"kakuheki")
*:Like the hive reactors, also actually another strain of BETA.
*:Large organic gates sealing off entry from the Original Hive's halls to the core.
*:Extremely big, allowing even the Susanoo #4 to pass through easily.

*:As it is an unconfirmed strain, there is no official name.
*:A single, massive 170-metre specimin appeared inside the Original Hive during Operation Ouka, carrying an extremely large amount of smaller BETA inside it.
*:Its sound signature was identical to that of whenever the BETA were moving deep underground, which suggests that one of them is used whenever they do so.
*:Its current official name is "unconfirmed large strain" ("未確認大型種"/"mikakunin oogata-shu").

*The Creator ("創造主"/"souzoushu", what the Superior calls it)
*:The intelligent lifeform which created the BETA.
*:A silicon-based life-form.
*:Technically not a BETA.

BETA hives

The BETA's bases are called "hives". The parts above ground are called "monuments", while the massive underground parts (which include sprawling tunnels spreading around in all directions) are called "stabs".

Hives are classified into different phases according to their size. The largest hive on Earth is the Original Hive, a phase six hive, while the largest hive confirmed by mankind is a phase nine hive on Mars. There are no hives below phase six on Mars. There are also numerous hives on the moon.
*Phase 1
*:Gates and the main shaft are constructed.
*Phase 2
*:The main hall and drifts are constructed, and the monument is made bigger.
*Phase 3
*:The monument is at 100 metres. The main shaft reaches 700 metres, and the drifts extend for 4 kilometres.
*Phase 4
*:The monument is at 300 metres. The main shaft reaches 1200 metres, and the drifts extend for 10 kilometres.
*Phase 5
*:The monument is at 600 metres. The main shaft reaches 2000 metres, and the drifts extend for 30 kilometres. Once a hive reaches phase 5, it can launch shuttle-like objects up into space. Mankind has been unable to determine just what those objects are, and can only tell from the trajectory that their destination is outside the solar system. It is revealed by the Superior that said objects contain resources.
*Phase 6
*:The monument is at 1000 metres. The main shaft reaches 4000 metres, and the drifts extend for 100 kilometres.

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