Round House (Somerville, Massachusetts)

"The Round House" is a cylindrical wood-frame residential structure at 36 Atherton Street in the Spring Hill neighborhood of Somerville, Massachusetts, USA. It was built in 1856 by hardware manufacturer Enoch Robinson, and is considered an offshoot of the Octagon House style popularized by phrenologist Orson Fowler.

The exterior of the Round House features two flush stories, with a third stepped back behind a series of battlements and embrasures. Inside, the three-story structure contains a central rotunda topped with a glass skylight, with interconnected rooms branching off on each level. There are 4 rooms on the first floor, 6 rooms on the 2nd floor and another 4 rooms on the third floor.

Presently the privately-owned house is unoccupied, its windows have been removed,(to the interior of the house), and the openings are covered with plywood. Its ornamentation is largely removed, and all of the ceilings are severely damaged from water. In a 1986 restoration program, students from Boston's North Bennet Street School did small amount of work rehabilitating the building's exterior, but the project fell apart and the house remains in a state of decay.

Historic Massachusetts (now Preservation MASS) placed the building on its list of Endangered Historic Resources for 1997.

By April, 2007, the Round House had been purchased by a local man who is also president of a general contracting firm. Signs placed on the property in early January advertised nearby Diamond Edge Construction, and the thick brush filling the yard was largely removed. According [ to a letter from Brandon Wilson] , executive director of the Somerville Historic Preservation Commission, the building and property would be completely restored and would function as a single family residence when complete. However by February 2008 the exterior condition of the Round House had not substantially changed.

By April of 2008, it appears that restoration efforts have resumed, with noticeable changes to the finish on the exterior of the home, and replacement of the windows.


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