Perfect Sound Forever (EP)

Perfect Sound Forever (EP)

Infobox Album
Name = Perfect Sound Forever
Type = EP
Artist = Pavement

Released = April 15, 1991
Recorded = December 29, 1989December 30 1989
Genre = Indie rock
Length = 16:52
Label = Drag City
Producer = Gary Young
Reviews =
* Allmusic Rating|3|5 [ link]
*Robert Christgau (A-) [ 1991]
Last album = "Demolition Plot J-7"
This album = "Perfect Sound Forever"
Next album = "Slanted and Enchanted"

"Perfect Sound Forever" (1991) is Pavement's third release, a 10" EP on Chicago's Drag City recording label. The songs on this record would later be made available on the Drag City compilation "Westing (by Musket & Sextant)".

The EP's name came from a line in Sony's 1982 ad campaign for the first Compact Discs, which assured potential buyers of the ultimate in both fidelity and longevity.

Track listing

All tracks were written by Stephen Malkmus and Scott Kannberg.
# "Heckler Spray" – 1:06
# "From Now On" – 2:03
# "Angel Carver Blues/Mellow Jazz Docent" – 2:30
# "Drive by Fader" – 0:28
# "Debris Slide" – 1:56
# "Home" – 2:23
# "Krell Vid-User" – 1:26


*Jovanovic, Rob (2004). "Perfect Sound Forever: The Story of Pavement". (Boston) Justin, Charles & Co. ISBN 1-932112-07-3.

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* [ "Perfect Sound Forever"] at Drag City

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