List of dams of the LCRV

This is a List of dams of the "Lower" Colorado River Valley. There are many smaller dams, check dams, or diversion dams, that lace the length of the Colorado River. The major Davis Dam directly downstream of Hoover Dam has the purpose of "re-regulating" Hoover Dam releases.

The purpose of this list is to accompany the List of lakes of the LCRV (birdwatching). The many lakes of the LCRV, the Lower Colorado River Valley, provide great opportunities for birdwatching, as well as a proximity to other riparian birdwatching habitats.

Major dams

*Davis Dam
*Parker Dam–The Colorado River Aqueduct exits W to Los Angeles.
*Imperial Dam: the majority of the Colorado River exits as the All-American Canal, going to the Imperial Valley in the Calif. desert: Colorado Desert.
*Laguna Diversion Dam
*Morelos Dam

List of dams--N to South

*Davis Dam
*Parker Dam
*Headgate Rock Dam//Headgate Dam (Moovalya Lake (Muuvaly [Munro, P et al. "A Mojave Dictionary" Los Angeles: UCLA, 1992] in Mojave))- at Earp, Calif/Parker
*Palo Verde Dam–(no lake)(Diversion Dam)- 4 mi N Ehrenberg/Blythe
*Imperial Dam
*Laguna Diversion Dam
*Morelos Dam–(no lake)


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*Parker Dam:-
*Headgate Rock Dam:-
*Palo Verde Diversion Dam:-
*Imperial Dam:-
*Laguna Diversion Dam:-
*Morelos Dam:-

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