Fender BXR 300C

The Fender BXR 300c was a 300 watt combo bass amp manufactured sometime around 1991. It was produced in 2 models, the 300C and 300R. The 300R was identical to the 300C but was a rack-mountable amp head only. The amps features were fairly stripped-down. This amp was made before internal modeling and effects processing was popular. The 300C and 300R are no longer in production.


* 15" speaker in a bottom-ported enclosure protected by a nylon screen attached by strong velcro.
* Built-in carrying handles.
* 4 heavy-duty casters.
* Hi and Loz 1/4" inputs.
* Preamp send and return.
* 3-band EQ with sweeping mids.
* Deltacomp built-in compression.
* Bass / High enhancement.
* Parallel speaker out (minimum 4 Ω total).


* 79 lb.


* Temperature controlled exhaust fan for heat control. (Volume of fan can be quite loud as the fan reaches high rpms)

The amp, unfortunately, never featured a line out other than preamp sends, which causes a burden when attempting to record, and the weight of the amp made it inconvenient for transport.

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* [http://www.fender.com/support/manuals/pdfs/manuals_elec/basspdf/BXR_300C.pdf PDF owners manual] for the BXR 300C and 300R (PDF file)

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