Possible meanings:
*Failure to extract refers to the failure of a firearm to properly extract the casing of a fired cartridge when the action is cycled.
*Fine Tooned Engineering (FTe)
*Florida's Turnpike Enterprise
*Flows to equity
*Folding Text Editor
*Forum Train Europe
*Foundation of Technical Education in Iraq
*Full Trucker Effect
*Foundation for Teaching Economics
*Foundation for Thought and Ethics, a pro-Intelligent design organization and publisher of Of Pandas and People.
*Full-time equivalent
**Full-time employment
**Full-time employee
*Fritted Trace Elements, a form of silicate-based fertilizer.
*Flow-through entity, a corporate legal entity where income "flows through" to investors (unitholders) in the form of regular cash distributions.
*Fault Tolerant Ethernet, a form reliable Ethernet LAN used in Process Industries.
*Fail to Enroll, a term, used in Cryptography
*Full time equivalent,meaning the number of staff that would be employed if every member of staff worked full time, rather than part time. Two members of staff working 2 and a half days each, would be 1 full time equivalent.

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