In English, the meaning of the name Bradley from a surname and place name based on the Old English words for broad clearing, broad wood and beard.

It is also an Anglicisation of the Irish Gaelic name O’Brolachán (also O’Brallaghan) from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland. The family moved and spread to counties Londonderry, Donegal and Cork.

More recently, Bradley has been used as a Christian name.


First name

Bradley is the first name of several notable people:
* Bradley Ayers (born 1935), former CIA operative
* Bradley Cooper (athlete) (born 1957), Bahamian discus thrower and shot putter
* Bradley McIntosh (born 1981), former member of S Club 7
* Bradley Nowell (February 22, 1968 – May 25, 1996), American musician who served as lead singer and guitarist of the "ska-punk" band "Sublime"
* Bradley Loretta (born 1933), American psychologist
* Brad Pitt (born 1963), contemporary American actor and director
* Brad Hogg (born 1970), Australian cricket player
* Bradley Ion (born 1995), Singer in the band Shinigami


Bradley may be the surname of these and other notable people:
*Andrew Cecil Bradley (1851-1935), English Shakespearean scholar
*Bill Bradley (baseball player) (1878–1954), early 20th-century third baseman in Major League Baseball
*Brian Bradley (born 1965), Canadian hockey player
*Bruce Bradley (born 1947), American water polo player
*Celeste Bradley (fl.2001), American author of romance novels
*Craig Bradley (born 1963), Australian rules football player
*Dave Bradley (born 1985), guitarist/composer in rockstar band Showgirl Suicide under stage name "SAINT"
*Dan Beach Bradley (1804–1873), American Protestant missionary to Siam
*Ed Bradley (1941–2006), American journalist
*F. H. Bradley (1846–1924), British idealist philosopher
*Foghorn Bradley (1855-1900), American baseball umpire
*George Bradley (1852-1931), American baseball player
*George Bradley (Medal of Honor recipient) (1881-1942), American naval officer
*Gwendolyn Bradley, American soprano
*Henry Bradley (1845–1923), Oxford English Dictionary editor
*James Bradley (1693–1762), English astronomer
*John Bradley, British author of The Racing Motorcycle volumes
*Joseph Philo Bradley (1813-1892), Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court 1870-1892
*Marion Zimmer Bradley (1930–1999), American science fiction author
*Matt Bradley (born 1978), Canadian professional hockey player
*Omar Bradley (1893–1981), U.S. general
*Peter Bradley (born 1953), English politician
*Ryan Bradley, (born 1983), American figure skater
*Shawn Bradley (born 1972), retired American basketball player
*Stephanie Bradley (born 1988), London based Make-Up Artist, Model and style Icon
*Tom Bradley (politician) (1917–1998), five-term mayor of Los Angeles, California
*W. C. Bradley (1863–1947), American entrepreneur and Coca-Cola chairman
*Will H. Bradley (1868-1962), American Art Nouveau illustrator and artist



* Bradley, Bruce County, Ontario
* Bradley, Chatham-Kent, Ontario
* Bradley, Quebec
* Bradley Corner, New Brunswick
* Bradley Creek, British Columbia
* Bradley Creek, Ontario
* Bradley's Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador


* Bradley, Cheshire
* Bradley, Derbyshire
* Bradley, Gloucestershire
* Bradley, Hampshire
* Bradley, Lincolnshire
* Bradley, North Yorkshire
* Bradley, Staffordshire
* Bradley, West Midlands
* Bradley, West Yorkshire, near Huddersfield
* Bradley Cross, Somerset
* Bradley Fold, Greater Manchester
* Bradley Green, Cheshire
* Bradley Green, Gloucestershire
* Bradley Green, Somerset
* Bradley Green, Warwickshire
* Bradley Green, Worcestershire
* Bradley in the Moors, Staffordshire
* Bradley Mills, West Yorkshire
* Bradley Mount, Cheshire
* Bradley Stoke, Gloucestershire


* Bradley, Wrexham

United States

* Bradley, Arkansas
* Bradley, California
* Bradley, Florida
* Bradley, Illinois
* Bradley, Maine
* Bradley, Michigan
* Bradley, New York
* Bradley, Oklahoma
* Bradley, South Carolina
* Bradley, South Dakota
* Bradley, West Virginia
* Bradley, Wisconsin
* Bradley Beach, New Jersey
* Bradley County, Arkansas
* Bradley County, Tennessee

Other uses

* Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts, York, Pennsylvania, USA
* Bradley Automotive, a maker of kit cars
* Bradley effect, a discrepancy between voter opinion polls and election outcomes in American elections
* Bradley Foundation, a conservative non-profit foundation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
* Bradley (house), a National Trust property in England
* Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, USA
* Bradley Pharmaceuticals in New Jersey, USA
* Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois, USA
* M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, armored fighting vehicle
* The Bradley method of natural childbirth
* The Bradley method of bush regeneration
* Harold C. Bradley House in Madison, Wisconsin
* W. C. Bradley Co. in Georgia, USA

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