1914 in New Zealand

New Zealand showed no hesitation in emulating Britain's declaration of war on Germany and entering World War I. New Zealand troops became the first to occupy German territory when they took over Samoa in November.


Regal and Vice Regal

*Head of State - George V
*Governor - The Earl of Liverpool [Statistics New Zealand: "New Zealand Official Yearbook, 1990". ISSN 0078-0170 page 52]


The 18th New Zealand Parliament concludes, and the Reform Party is returned for its second term of office following the 1914 general election on December 10th.

*Speaker of the House - Frederic Lang (Reform Party)
*Prime MinisterWilliam Massey
*Minister of Finance - James Allen

Parliamentary opposition

*Leader of the OppositionJoseph Ward (Liberal Party). [Cite web|url=http://www.elections.org.nz/democracy/leaders-opposition.html|title=Elections NZ - Leaders of the Opposition|accessdate=2008-04-06]

Main centre leaders

*Mayor of Auckland - TBD
*Mayor of Hamilton - Arthur Edward Manning
*Mayor of Wellington - TBD
*Mayor of Christchurch - TBD
*Mayor of Dunedin - TBD


* 17 January: Joseph Hammond [Joseph Hammond was the first New Zealander to gain a pilot's license in England.] is the first person to fly over Auckland city. He flies a Blériot monoplane (named "Brittania") which has been donated to the New Zealand Government by the Imperial Air Fleet Committee, from Potter's Park (near One Tree Hill). [https://www.auckland-airport.co.nz/offer/downloads/AIAL_2_7.pdf Auckland Airport] ] Rendel, David (1975) "Civil Aviation in New Zealand: An Illustrated History". Wellington. A.H. & A.W.Reed. ISBN 0 589 00905 2]
* 20 February: James William Humphrys Scotland [J. W. H. Scotland was the second New Zealander to gain a pilot's license in England.] makes the first substantial cross-country flight in New Zealand. He flies from Invercargill to Gore, a distance of km to mi|61, in 40 minutes in a Caudron biplane. He continues on to Dunedin, Timaru and Christchurch where he arrives on 6 March. [http://www.teara.govt.nz/1966/S/ScotlandJamesWilliamHumphrys/ScotlandJamesWilliamHumphrys/en Te Ara: Encyclopedia of New Zealand 1966] - Biography of James William Humphrys Scotland] ]
* 5 August: New Zealand declares war on Germany. [http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/war/first-world-war-overview/origins New Zealand History online: Origins of the war - First World War overview] ]
* 29 August: 1374 New Zealand troops land in Samoa and are offered no resistance by German colonial forces. This is the second German territory (after Togoland) to be captured by the Allies. [http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/war/new-zealand-goes-to-war-first-world-war New Zealand History Online: New Zealand goes to war: First World War overview] ]
* 25 September: The first attempt by the New Zealand Expeditionary Force to depart New Zealand for Europe is aborted due to concerns about the presence of German raiders. [http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/media/video/troops-departing-new-zealand-ww1 New Zealand History online: Film - troops departing New Zealand, 1914 and 1915] ]
* 16 October: The main body of the NZEF, some 8000 troops, finally departs New Zealand for Australia where they will join with the First AIF. [http://www.firstaif.info/anzac-story/page/to-egypt.htm The Anzac Story: Chapter 1 - To Egypt] ]
* 1 November: The 38 ships carrying the NZEF (10 ships) and the AIF (28 ships) leave Perth, Western Australia. Although expecting to sail to England they will receive orders to land in Egypt while crossing the Indian Ocean.
* Early December: The NZEF and AIF land in Egypt. [http://www.teara.govt.nz/1966/W/WarsFirstWorldWar191418/TheNewZealandExpeditionaryForce/en Te Ara: Encyclopedia of New Zealand 1966 - The New Zealand Expeditionary Force] ]
* 10 December: General Election.

Arts and literature

See 1914 in art, 1914 in literature,


See: 1914 in music


*"Hinemoa", the first feature film made in New Zealand, premieres at the Lyric Theatre, Auckland.

Appointments and awards

*Archbishop of New Zealand
*Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia , see appointments to Diocese


* See: 1914 in sports ,

*Horse racing: See , list winners.

Rugby league

* New Zealand lose to Great Britain 16 - 13 in Auckland

Rugby union

* Taranaki defend the Ranfurly Shield against Wangauni (17-3), Manawatu (11-3), Horowhenua (14-3), Wairarapa (22-3), Cantrbury (6-5) and Southland (6-0) before losing to Wellington (6-12)


* Anthony Wilding, partnered with Norman Brookes wins the men's doubles at the Wimbledon Championship.
* The Davis Cup final is held in New York City. New Zealander Anthony Wilding and Australian Norman Brookes (playing as Australia rather than Australasia) beat the United States 3-2.


* 12 January: Roy Jack, politician.
* 27 March: Cecil Burke, cricketer.
* 25 December: James Fletcher II, industrialist.
*25 December: Don McRae, cricketer and soccer player.
* 25 December: Robert Howard White, politician.

* Alice Bush, doctor and medical activist.
* Norman King, politician.
* Dan Riddiford, politician.
* Leo Schultz, politician.
* Ruth Symons, cricketer.


* 1 October: Richard Barcham Shalders, founder of New Zealand YMCA.

* John Blair, Mayor of Wellington.
* Thomas Fergus, politician.

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"For world events and topics in 1914 not specifically related to New Zealand see": 1914


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