Title Mayari
Description Lunar deity
Gender Female
Region Tagalog
Equivalent Bulan
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In Tagalog mythology, Mayari (also known as Bulan) is the beautiful lunar deity who was the daughter of Bathala, the king of the gods, to a mortal woman. She is known as the most beautiful deity in Bathala's court.[1] She is the sister of Tala, the goddess of stars and Adlaw (also known as Apolaki), god of the sun.

In a Pampangan myth, Bathala died without leaving a will and Apolaki and Mayari fought over who would rule the earth. Apolaki wanted to rule the earth alone while Mayari insisted on equal rights. The two fought out the conflict with bamboo clubs until Mayari lost an eye. After Apolaki saw what he had done, he agreed to ruling the earth together but at different times. However, her light is dimmer than her brother's due to the loss of her eye.[2]


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