The term Lees can refer to:

* the detritus of fermentation, consisting of dead yeast and fruit debris. See Lees (fermentation);
* Lees, Derbyshire, a village in England;
* Lees, Greater Manchester, village near Oldham in North West England;
* JW Lee, a Brewery in Middleton, Greater Manchester, England;
* Lees Station, Tennessee, a community in the U.S. state of Tennessee;
* LEES, Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems (LEES), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


* Benjamin Lees (born 1924), American classical music composer
* Brian Lees (born 1923), Massachusetts politician
* Charles Lees (1837 – 1892), British colonial administrator and governor
* George Harmon Lees, mayor of Hamilton, Ontario from 1911 to 1912
* Harcourt Lees(1776 – 1852), Irish political pamphleteer
* Harrington Clare Lees (1870 – 1929), Anglican archbishop of Melbourne
* James Lees-Milne (1908 – 1997), English writer and expert on country houses
* Jim Lees (1919 – 2004), Commissioner of the New South Wales Police
* Joanne Lees (born 1973), girlfriend of Peter Falconio (murder victim)
* Meg Lees (born 1948), member of the Australian Senate
* Nathaniel Lees, New Zealand born actor
* Robert Lees (1912 – 2004), American television and film screenwriter
* Robert Lees (linguist) (1922 – 1996), American linguist
* Simon Lees (born 1970), Welsh guitarist
* Walter Lees (1875 – 1924), English Test cricketer
* Walter Edwin Lees (1887 – 1957), American aviator
* Warren Lees (born 1952), New Zealand Test cricketer
* Jamie Lees (born 1988), Legend of all brokers

ee also

* Leese
* Lee
* Lease
* Leece

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