Hercules (TV miniseries)

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show_name = Hercules

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format = Adventure, Drama
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runtime = 178 minutes
creator = Charles Edward Pogue
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executive_producer =
starring = Paul Telfer Elizabeth Perkins Sean Astin Tyler Mane Timothy Dalton Leelee Sobieski
narrated = Robert Clotworthy
opentheme =
endtheme =
country = USA
network = NBC
first_aired = May 16, 2005
last_aired = ?
num_episodes = 2
website =
imdb_id = 0420408
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"Hercules" is a 2005 RHI Entertainment television miniseries, chronicling the life of the legendary Greek hero, Hercules. It is most often aired on television as a two-part miniseries: the first part documents his early life in Tiryns and his desire and marriage to the lady Megara; the second part follows the more widely-recognised part of his life, in seeking redemption for the madness-induced murder of his family.

The series incorporates Hercules murder of his family—usually not included in modern interpretations of the character—and includes five of his twelve labors from Greek mythology. The series alters some of the elements of the myths including placing the giant Antaeus as while in Greek myths his father was the king of the gods, Zeus.


* Paul Telfer as Hercules
* Elizabeth Perkins as Alcmene
* Leelee Sobieski as Deianeira
* Timothy Dalton as Amphitryon
* Sean Astin as Linus
* Leeanna Walsman as Megara
* Kristian Schmid as King Eurystheus
* Luke Ford as Iphicles
* Jamie Croft as Young Hercules
* André de Vanny as Young Iphicles
* Trent Sullivan as Hyllus
* Robert Taylor as Chiron
* Tyler Mane as Antaeus
* Kim Coates as Tiresias
* John Bach as Creon
* Madeleine West as Hippolyta
* William Snow as King Theseus
* Anita Torrance as Antiope
* Maria Cristina Heller as Phaea
* Peter McCauley as Nestor
* Jacy Lewis as Harpy #1
* Susan Stenlake (Hall) as Harpy #2
* Phil Grieve as Sthenelus
* Vanessa Stacey as Nicippa
* Bruce Allpress as Shepherd
* Shannon Small as Pollux
* Scotty Morrison as Castor
* Mal Foster as Jason
* Geoffrey Charters as Argus
* Dinah Priestley as Witch-Crone #1
* Geraldine Franklin as Witch-Crone #2
* Jacqui Dunn as Witch-Crone #3
* Jeff Szusterman as Silenus (Satyr)
* Kristel Bowden as Tiryn Mother
* Alice Bowden as Tiryn Girl
* Mandi Lodge as Midwife
* Brett Stewart as Retainer
* Aaron Davis as Rider
* Richard Anderton as One-Legged Hunter
* Rachael Taylor as Woman/Sphinx
* Rachel Atkinson as Dancing Nymph #1
* Madeline Cooper as Dancing Nymph #2
* Emily Andrews as Band Nymph #1
* Charlotte Vodanovich as Band Nymph #2
* Caroline Grey as Young Herc's Nymph #1
* Sian Woodger as Young Herc's Nymph #2
* Ruby Read as Copper-Hued Nymph #1
* Charlotte Vodanovich as Copper-Hued Nymph #2
* Jessica Body as Satyr's Nymph
* Lindsay McCord as Satyr
* Jessica Shipman as Dancing Woman/Acolytes
* Seonid Lyons as Dancing Woman/Acolytes
* Charene Griggs as Dancing Woman/Acolytes
* Melissa Ariss as Dancing Woman/Acolytes
* Carlissa Candy as Dancing Woman/Acolytes
* Sarah Knox as Dancing Woman/Acolytes
* Ginny Cocker as Dancing Woman/Acolytes
* Clancy Croft as Dancing Woman/Acolytes
* Claire Stanley as Dancing Woman/Acolytes
* Kate Stevenson as Dancing Woman/Acolytes
* Linda McFetridge as Dancing Woman/Acolytes
* Shanti Sherson as Dancing Woman/Acolytes
* Lucy Hopes as Dancing Woman/Acolytes
* Megan Sayer-Roberts as Dancing Woman/Acolytes
* Morgan Flowers as Tiresias Boy #1
* Todd Selak as Tiresias Boy #2
* Imogen DeFreyne as Young lole #2
* Rose Tapper as Megara (4 years old)
* Tyler Zahorodny as Megara's Son #1
* Jacob Hobbs as Megara's Son #2
* Zachary Hobbs as Megara's Son #3
* Marco & Rio Irvan as Baby Hercules #1
* Marco & Rio Irvan as Baby Hercules #1A
* Thomas & Jack Milmine as Baby Iphicles #1 (3 months)
* Dan Purdey as Captain of the Guard
* Ingela Bohlin as Iole
* Robert Clotworthy as Narrator
* Austin Majors as Hyllus (voice)

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* [http://www.rhifilms.com/property.php?propertyId=Hercules Hercules Official Website]

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