In the fictional world of the fantasy trading card game , Jamuura is an Africa-like supercontinent on Dominaria, about two thousand miles south of Corondor. To the west it is divided from the Burning Islands by the vast "Kukemssa", a sea heated by the nearby volcanoes ("Kuchemsa = boiling"). Far to the northeast lies Shiv.

Portals to and were once common on Jamuura. The continent consists of five subcontinents, mostly controlled by Rabiahan descendants. The sets and were set in the western subcontinent of Jamuraa. The set returned to this setting.

The Northwestern subcontinent

The north of the western subcontinent of Jamuraa is occupied by three rivaling nations: Zhalfir, Femeref and the Suq'Ata Empire. To the east Western Jamuura extends for several thousand miles, much of it controlled by the Suq'Ata Empire and the bipedal lizards known as the Viashino. After he settled on Jamuraa, the wizard Mangara created a peace agreement between the three nations. Within a century "Mangara's Harmony" created a new age of enlightenment. During "Kaervek's war", after the vanishing of Mangara, the countries were plundered by Kaervek's troops, and plagued by the Nightstalkers of Urborg. United against a common foe, the three nations defied Kaervek, stating they would pay him no fealty. The subcontinent was a target of attack of Keld nation. During this time Teferi united its nations against a common foe.After an attack by Keld, the planeswalker Teferi used powerful magic to phase out the entire subcontinent of Jamuraa to secure it against Yawgmoth's invasion of Dominaria and because he was sure that Urza would sacrifice all of Dominaria to defeat the Phyrexians.


Zhalfir is a militaristic Kingdom, as personified by the Knightly Order of Askari. Teferi, who was a student at Urza's Tolarian Academy, was once a court mage in Zhalfir. He organised the Zhalfiran guilds: Shadow, Shaper, Granger, Armorer and Civic.

Unyaro Plains

Plains on the westcoast of Zhalfir, famous for their griffins, bees and raging spirits ("Unyaro = foot", the name relates to its position and flatness)

Unyaro Jungle

Jungle east of the Unyaro Plains, surrounding Kipamu


Zhalfirin capital. The city is build at the edge of a vast lake and rivers that end southwards in the Buleusi Bay and connect the city northwards with Kiingal. Here Asmira the Prophet, Rashida Scalebane, Sidar Jabari, and Hakim Loreweaver met to start the rescue of Mangara. The Kipamu League which defended Jamuura against the Keldons was named after this city.

Buleusi Bay

Large Bay to the south of Kipamu, leading to the Kukemssa Sea and the Chaza Isles. ("Buluu = Blue, Eusi= Black")

Mtenda plains

Zhalfir's breadbasket; the plains where their crops are grown ("Mtinda - buttermilk"). East of Kipamu and Buleusi bay. These Plains are also known as the Mtenda Wilds. They are home to many cattle herders, as well as dangerous griffins, lions, rhinos and insects.


Harbourcity on the westcoast of the Mtenda plains. When Kaervek attacked this city, the guildmages decided to evacuate Tefemburu and leave it magically trapped. After the armies of Kaervek charged into the city, the trap sprang - a sphere of crackling energy enclosed Tefemburu and exploded, destroying both the city and Kaervek’s armies.

Ntatsu Plains

The ancestral land of Rashida Scalebane. South of the Mtenda Plains


Border-city facing Femeref ("Ufungo= key"). Kaervek's attack on Ufunguo crippled the city.


A village

North Zhalfir


Port-city on the northcoast of Zhalfir, at the mouth of a river leading to Kipamu ("Kiingilio = admission")

Mwonvuli Jungle

A lush and verdant jungle where it rains constantly, in the centraleast part of Zhalfir. The name is derived from word for "umbrella". Home of Jolrael, Empress of Beasts and location of the Amber Prison. It is crossed by the Mwonvuli River. The end of this river, the Mwonvuli Delta, was the meetingplace of Mangara and Kaervek. forest. Although it was taken over by dark spirits during the war, Mwonvuli has since returned to its feral but rather benign state. Across the deep forest stretch many fortresses and palaces of Jolrael.

=Uuserk Marshes= Swamp at the fringe of Zhalfir ("Usiku = night"). The marsh is crossed by the Uuserk Trail, which was closed after the deaths of a troupe of scouts. After Kaervek's defeat at Teferi's Isle he fled into these marshes.


City of Hidden Graves and Lost Kings. A vast floating city controlled by the Shaper and Shadow Guilds of Zhalfir. The guilds had created Aku, lying within the Uuserk marshes, as a portable tomb for Zhalfir’s nobility. It is reigned by the Femeref vampire Shauku and her mundungu (wizards).


A strong religious state. Centuries ago, when the land was ruled entirely by Zhalfir, an internal religious dispute led the church to secede. They had objections to the Shadow Guild's treatment of the dead. The church created its own province called Femeref ("Fethe - judgement"). In time, Femeref grew apart from Zhalfir, aided by the discovery of rich gold deposits. Eventually, tales of the mineral wealth within Femeref's deep mountains spread to the Suq'Ata empire. The empire annexed the lands bordering Zhalfir and began to mine the mountains, pushing the dwarven residents into Femeref. The leaders of Femeref happily accepted the new refugees, as their skills would increase Femeref's gold yield substantially. During "Kaerveks War", the entire Femeref grand assembly - the Council of Voices - was slaughtered by a terryfing entity known as the "Spirit of the Night". After that Asmira was left in charge.


Capital of Femeref ("Tumai = hope"). Located at a deep inland bay that leads south to the "Jamae Sea"


City ("Nyumba = home"). Hometown of the sorcerer Waffa. Unknown location.

Kitu Mountains

Mineral rich mountain range in the north of Femeref


A mining-city ("Teruworq" = "good gold"). During the early years of Femeref, Suq’Ata marched against the dwarven denizens of Ekundu and forced them southwards into Terorq.

Jotoka Mountains

A mineral rich mountain range, bordering East Femeref.


Suq'Ata is is a nation of Arabic traders, led by a royal house. The name is derived from "Suq" meaning "market". The Suq'Ata originally came from the plane of Rabiah. They settled and built cities reminiscent of their distant home. They began to build a trading empire, and soon had caravans traversing the huge continent of Jamuura in search of valuables and profit. They annexed the mountains of Femeref bordering Zhalfir after hearing tales of mineral wealth deep within the mountains.While this mercantile society was well-versed in spells, treasure and artifice, with them came also one of the oldest arts on Rabiah- The Way of the Assassin. Within the modern cities of Suq'Ata there exists a network of secret guilds wholly devoted to murder. Using spells of summoning, fear and mind-numbing cold, the assassins of Suq'Ata seek not to defeat their opponents outright, but to poison them over time in a variety of insidious ways. After the end of the Jamuuran war, Suq'Ata appeared to be unchanged, except for the remaining presence of the Breathstealers. These Urborg assassins are insinuating themselves into Suq'Atan society, and although silent, these killers may be an even greater danger to the noble Suq'Atan than Kaervek's armies. This is made manifest by the murder of Qhattib, Vizier of Amiquat which freed the way for the brute Telim'Tor to succeed the Pasha.


Amiquat was the capital of Suq'Ata, situated at a large inlet on the coast of Jamuraa. It was ruled by the Pasha of Suq'ata and his vizier Qhattib. ("Amiq - deep": the city in the heart of the land)


A merchant-city on the northcoast of Suq’Ata ("Waraqa = bank note")

Talruum Mountains

Mountains in the west of Suq’Ata. Home to minotaurs

Ekundu Mountains

A mineral rich mountain range, bordering North Femeref. The name is derived from the word "Red". These mountains on Jamuraa are fabled for their griffins and cyclopses. The dwarven inhabitants were driven away by Suq’ata to Femeref.

The Great Desert

The desert of western Jamuraa, east of the Ekundu Mountains. Home of the Viashino and their dragons after they left Shiv. Mostly controlled by Suq’Ata


Desert-city ("Harq = burn")


Frontier-city ("Minaebbih = alarm")


The "Afiya Grove" was a famous oasis in the desert ("Afiya - Health")

Daraja plains

A neutral zone between Zhalfir and Suq'Ata. Also home to many Griffins.

Teremko Mountains

The mountain range that divides the greater parts of Zhalfir and Femeref. The name is derived from a word meaning "steep grade".

The Griffin Canyon

A valley that is a nesting place for the griffin-flocks. The mighthy golden griffin Zuberi is said to live there.

Uktabi Jungle

Jungle that divides the southern parts of Zhalfir and Femeref. It is famous for its Faeries, Wildcats, Orangutans and Efreets. When Femeref and Zhalfir could not agree on a border, Mangara created a buffer zone here. To police this zone, he summoned a large contingent of Quirion elves.


Elven city of the Quirions ("Salama = peace, Zuri = beautiful"). With the jungle increasingly dangerous, Salamzuri, which never fell, stood as a beacon of sanctuary to those unlucky enough to be caught out in the open.

The Karoo

The savannah of western Jamuraa


A muddy region, notorious for its golems.

acred Mesa

Home of Pegasi


A region notorious for its Wurms ()

Jaema Sea

The warm, shallow, glowing sea warm, shallow body of water that extends along the coasts of Femeref and southern Zhalfir.

Chaza Isles

Group of islands fanning out from the coasts of Zhalfir. They enjoy a tropical but slightly temperate climate

Teferi’s Isle

A secluded atol. Home to Teferi's palace and laboratory. Due Teferi's time experimentation the entire island phased in and out of time.

Maumiwu Wastes

Wasteland south of the Great Desert

Bay of Pearls

Bay on the southcoast of the western subcontinent

The Central Southern subcontinent

Divided from the Western subcontnent by a small strait of water.

The Southern East subcontinent

Attached over a large stretsch of land to the Central Southern one

The Eastern subcontinent

The smallest of the five subcontinents, connecting the Northern and Southern East ones.

The Northern subcontinent

North Jamuraan Bight

Large bay on the northcoast


Country inhabited by minotaurs


A mysterious region inhabited by shades


Forest on the southern coast, bordering the Jamuraan Sea. Source of trainable elephants, the Vintara Forest welcomes its enemies with a crushing embrace.

Jamuraan Sea

The sea that is surrounded by the Jamuraan subcontinents

Uncertain locations on Jamuraa


A pine forest. Arboria is inhabited by pinefolk.


A a city-state governed by Hazezon Tamar.

urkuvian Desert

A desert in southern Jamuraa. Four tribes of Cat Warriors live in oases that extend across the desert. There is an underground sea beneath Sukurvia.


An oasis. Home to the Efravans, a tribe of Cat Warriors. Location of a famous battle fought by Jedit Ojanen and the Robaran Mercenaries against Johan.


An oasis four days' walk northeast of Efrava. The Khyyiani worship Lord Windgrace.


Another oasis, home to the Hooraree cat warriors


A fourth oasis, home to the Sulaki

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