List of people on stamps of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina issued stamps from 1879 to 1918, after which it became a part of Yugoslavia. It used Yugoslav stamps until it regained independence.

Independence in 1993 resulted in 3 separate postal administrations. The stamps below are unmarked if from the central Muslim administration in Sarajevo. A "C" indicates a stamp of the Croat administration in Mostar, and an "S" indicates a stamp of the Serbian administration in Banja Luka.
*Charles I of Austria (1917)
*Mirza Safvet Basagic (1995)
*Alexander Graham Bell (1996)
*Alojs Benac (1998)
*Edhem Camo (1998)
*Countess Sophie Chotek (1917)
*Pierre de Coubertin (1996)
*Vasco da Gama (1997)
*Diana, Princess of Wales (1997)
*Henri Dunant (1998)
*Branislav Durdev (1998)
*Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria (1917)
*Franz Josef I of Austria-Hungary (1906)
*Husein Gradascevic (1995)
*Bahrija Hadzic (1996)
*Nasiha Hadzic (1996)
*Asim Ferhatović "Hase" (1998)
*Zaim Imamovic (1997)
*Jelena Gruba of Rama (1995)
*Pope John Paul II (1996)
*Pope John Paul II (1997)-C
*Gabrijel Jurkić (1993)-C
*Handija Kasevljakovic (1999)
*Queen Katarina Kosaca Kotromanic (1996)-C
*Mujaga Komadina (1997)
*Silvije Kranjčević (1993)-C
*Ban Kulin (1995)
*Fikret Libovac (1997)
*Ahmed Muradbegovic (1998)
*Nusrat Pasic (1997)
*Afan Ramic (1999)
*Raffaello Sanzio (1993)-C
*Antun Branko Simic (1999)-C
*Dzuzovi Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic (1999)
*Mehmed Spaho (2000)
*Ban Stepan II (1996)
*Augustin Tin Ujević (1997)
*Hrvoje Vukcic-Hrvatinic (1993)-C
*Ferdinand von Zeppelin (2000)
*Andeo Zvizdovic (1998)

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