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The office of the President of Malta ( _mt. President ta' Malta), came into being on 13 December 1974, when Malta became a Commonwealth republic. Queen Elizabeth II ceased to be head of state (Queen of Malta), and the last Governor-General, Sir Anthony Mamo, became the first President of Malta.

The President of Malta is the constitutional head of state, with executive powers remaining with the Prime Minister. The President is elected by the unicameral House of Representatives ( _mt. Kamra tar-Rappreżentanti) for a five year term. The first woman to hold the post of President was the late Agatha Barbara.

The President of Malta is also "ex-officio" Chairman of the Commission for the Administration of Justice of Malta.

Edward Fenech Adami is the current President of Malta.

Detailed Constitutional Powers

The constitutional attributions of the president are defined in Chapter V of the Constitution of Malta.

*48. (1) There shall be a President of Malta who shall beappointed by Resolution of the House of Representatives.

(2) A person shall not be qualified to be appointed to the officeof President if -(a) he is not a citizen of Malta; or(b) he holds or has held the office of Chief Justice or otherJudge of the Superior Courts; or(c) he is not eligible for appointment to or to act in anypublic office in accordance with articles 109, 118 and120 of this Constitution.

(3) The office of President shall become vacant -(a) on the expiration of five years from the date of theappointment to that office; or(b) if the holder of the office is removed from office byResolution of the House of Representatives on theground of inability to perform the functions of hisoffice (whether arising from infirmity of body or mindor any other cause) or misbehaviour.

49. Whenever the office of President is temporarily vacant, anduntil a new President is appointed, and whenever the holder of theoffice is absent from Malta or on vacation or is for any reasonunable to perform the functions conferred upon him by thisConstitution, those functions shall be performed by such person asthe Prime Minister, after consultation with the Leader of theOpposition, may appoint or, if there is no person in Malta soappointed and able to perform those functions, by the Chief Justice.

*50. A person appointed to or assuming the functions of theoffice of President shall, before entering upon that office, take andsubscribe the oath of office set out in the Second Schedule to thisConstitution. Any person appointed to the office of President undersub-article (1) of article 48 of this Constitution shall take the oathof office before the House. [ [ ] ]

Official Residences

The official office of the president is the Grandmaster's Palace in Valletta. Other presidential residences include:

* San Anton Palace - It is the official residence.
* Verdala Palace - It is used as a summer residence.


Among the powers of the president:

* The president promulgates laws.
* The president may dissolve the House of Representatives of Malta acting on the request of the Prime Minister of Malta.
* The president names the Prime Minister with the President making his or her decision based on the situation within the Maltese parliament.
* The president names most officials (with the assent of the Prime Minister of Malta).
* The president receives foreign ambassadors.
* The president may grant a pardon (but not an amnesty) to convicted criminals; the president can also lessen or suppress criminal sentences.

President's Flag

Until 1988, there was no flag for the President of Malta, who instead used the national flag, but in that year a new flag was introduced, with the coat of arms on a blue field, and a traditional Maltese Cross in gold in each corner.

List of Presidents

*1974-1976: Anthony Mamo (1909-2008)
*1976-1981: Anton Buttigieg (1912-1983)
*1981-1982: Acting President Albert Hyzler (1916-1993)
*1982-1987: Agatha Barbara (1923-2002)
*1987-1989: Acting President Paul Xuereb (1923-1994)
*1989-1994: Vincent Tabone (born 1913)
*1994-1999: Ugo Mifsud Bonnici (born 1932)
*1999-2004: Guido de Marco (born 1931)
*2004-present: Edward Fenech Adami (born 1934)


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