company_name = Zuken Inc.
company_type = Public (tyo|6947)| foundation = 1976
location = Yokohama, Japan
key_people = Makoto Kaneko, CEO
Jinya Katsube, COO

num_employees = 1,000
industry = Engineering Consulting Services
Electronic Design Automation
products = CR-5000 System Designer
CR-5000 Board Designer
CR-5000 Lightning
Wire Harness Design
DFM Center
homepage = [http://www.zuken.com/ www.zuken.com]
[http://www.zuken.co.jp/ www.zuken.co.jp]

nihongo|Zuken Inc.|株式会社図研|Kabushiki-gaisha Zuken (tyo|6947) is a Japanese multinational corporation, specializing in Engineering Consulting and Electronic design automation. Established in 1976 at Yokohama, Japan, it is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange; market capitalization is estimated as USD300 million as of March 2006.

Zuken's software is primarily used for designing printed circuit boards (PCBs) and Multi-Chip Modules, or MCMs. Zuken is one of three major EDA companies which specialize in PCB design software, the other two being Cadence Design Systems and Mentor Graphics.


*CR-5000 - This is Zuken's flagship enterprise-wide PCB design solution platform for both analogue and digital PCB design. CR-5000 includes modules such as System Designer, Board Designer, Lightning, Package Predictor/Synthesizer. The program runs on both UNIX and Windows.
*Wire Harness Design - This is the most recent addition to the Zuken family of products. It is a design tool that integrates with Catia to provide total solution for wire harness design. Modules include Cabling Designer, Harness Designer, Topology Designer, Simulation and Verifications.
*Cadstar - A desktop software for producing schematic and PCB designs.
*Visula - A proven enterprise-wide PCB design solution which is set to be migrated to CR-5000. CADIF, the proprietary exchange format for Visula, was designed in parallel with EDIF 3 0 0 and 4 0 0.
*e-PLM - Zuken's Electronic Product Lifecycle Management tool.
*3D - A range of Electro-mechanical tools which link ECAD and MCAD tools. Board Modular is a standalone product for linking any ECAD tools to 3D MCAD tools. Electromechnical Designer is a CR-5000 product module and Cadstar 3D is an option of Cadstar pcb design tool.


*1976 Zuken Inc. Established.
*1978 Released "CREATE-2000"(CR-2000) for PC.(HP-1000 Platform)
*1983 Zuken America Inc.(Now, Zuken U.S. Inc.) Established.
*1985 Released Logic Design Workstation.(UNIX Platform)
*1988 Released CAD/CAM for PCB "CR-3000".(UNIX Platform)
*1991 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Level-2.
*1992 Zuken Europe GmbH.(Germany) Established.
*1992 Zuken Korea Inc.(Seoul) Established.
*1992 Zuken Singapore Pte.Ltd. Established.
*1993 Zuken Inc. China(Beijing) Established.
*1994 Merged with Racal-Redac Ltd.
*1994 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Level-1
*1994 Released CAD/CAM for PCB "CR-5000".(UNIX & PC Platform)
*1994 Released Data Management System "PDM-5000".
*1996 Realvision Inc. Established.
*2000 Merged with Incases Engineering GmbH.
*2000 Zuken Tecnomatix Inc. established.
*2001 Zuken NetWave Inc. established.
*2002 Zuken Shanghai Technical Center Co.,Ltd. established.
*2005 Zuken Taiwan Inc. established.
*2006 Acquired CIM-Team GmbH.


*1970 World's first interactive graphics PCB design system
*1984 World's first commercial IBM PC PCB design system
*1985 World's first gridless routing system - Bloodhound
*1996 World's first proven PLM solution for electronics companies
*1996 World's first physical hierarchical and concurrent design tools
*1998 World's first 3D electrical design solution
*1999 World's first "Free Angle" router for IC packages
*2000 World's first IC package synthesizer

See also

*CR-5000, Zuken's flagship PCB design tool
*Cadstar, Zuken's desktop PCB design solution
*E³.series, CIM-Team/Zuken's Electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic design solution

External links

* [http://www.zuken.com/ Official Zuken Website in English]
* [http://www.zuken.co.jp/ Official Zuken Website in Japanese]

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