Culture and Society

Culture and Society is a book published in 1958 by Welsh leftist writer Raymond Williams, exploring how the notion of culture developed in the West, especially Great Britain, from the eighteenth through the twentieth centuries.

Culture and Society  
Author(s) Raymond Williams
Language English
Genre(s) Cultural studies
Publisher Chatto and Windus
Publication date 1958
Media type Print (book)
ISBN 0701207922
OCLC Number 16466015

When first published, the book was widely regarded as having overturned conventional social and historical thinking about culture.[citation needed] It argues that the notion of culture developed in response to the Industrial Revolution and the social and political changes it brought in its wake. This is done through a series of studies of famous British writers and essayists, beginning with Edmund Burke and William Cobbett, also looking at William Blake, William Wordsworth, etc., and continuing as far as F. R. Leavis, George Orwell and Christopher Caudwell.

The book is still in print, in several editions. It has also been translated into many languages.

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  • Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society (Croom Helm, 1976). Originally intended as an appendix to Culture and Society.

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