The Pope Must Die

The Pope Must Die

Infobox Film
name = The Pope Must Die

caption =
director = Peter Richardson
producer = Stephen Woolley
Bob Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Michael White
Channel 4 Films
writer = Peter Richardson
Pete Richens
starring = Robbie Coltrane
Alex Rocco
Peter Richardson
music = Jeff Beck
Anne Dudley
distributor = Miramax Films
released = August 31 1991
runtime = 97 min.
country = UK
language = English
budget = £2.5 million
gross = $582,510
imdb_id = 0102691

"The Pope Must Die" (U.S. alternate title: "The Pope Must Die(t)") is a 1991 comedy film starring Robbie Coltrane, Adrian Edmondson, Annette Crosbie, Alex Rocco and Peter Richardson who also directed.


The plot is predicated on the Vatican being controlled by the Mafia. The movie opens with the death of the previous Pope and the Mob's tame Cardinal (Alex Rocco) successfully persuading the College of Cardinals to elect the Mafia's favoured candidate to the papacy, Albini. Unfortunately the secretary of the College of Cardinals (Adrian Edmondson) is hard of hearing, and announces the similar name of an honest parish priest, Albinizi, (Robbie Coltrane) who thus becomes Pope. As the plot develops, the Pope demands to see the Vatican accounts and discovers the gun-smuggling and stolen merchandise operations, and confronts the Mob, who decide that the Pope must die...


*Robbie Coltrane as The Pope
*Alex Rocco as Cardinal Rocco
*Peter Richardson as Bish
*Annette Crosbie as Mother Superior
*Adrian Edmondson as Father Rookie
*Herbert Lom as Vittorio Corelli
*Balthazar Getty as Joe Don Dante


* After much outcry from Roman Catholics, the film's US title was changed by the addition of a single letter. The new title, "The Pope Must Diet", was marked on some promotional material with the final letter "T" in the form of a crucifix.

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