Herbert George Flaxman Spurrell

Herbert George Flaxman Spurrell (20 June 1877 - 8 November 1918), the biologist, physician and author, was the only son of the architect Herbert Spurrell and Harriet Rebecca Blaxland. He was a nephew of the archaeologist Flaxman Charles John Spurrell and a member of the Spurrell family of Norfolk.

A student of Gustav Mann, Spurrell went on to discover and classify fish, reptiles and frogs from the Gold Coast and South America, and was a Fellow of the Zoological Society.

During the First World War he served as a Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps; he died of pneumonia at Alexandria, Egypt, on 8 November 1918.

He was also the author of a number of books, both scientific and fictional:

* "The Commonwealth of Cells: Some popular essays on human physiology", 1901, Bailliere, Tindall & Cox

* "Out of the Past", 1903, Greening

* "At Sunrise: A story of the Beltane", 1904, Greening

* "Patriotism: A biological study", 1911, George Bell & Sons

* "Modern Man and his Forerunners: A short study of the human species living and extinct", 1917, George Bell & Sons

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