Glory may refer to:

In religion
*Glory (religion), in Judeo-Christian religious tradition, the manifestation of God's presence; see also Hod (Kabbalah)
* Glory, a term in Christian art for a halo surrounding the whole body of a person.
*Glory Be to the Father, also known as " _la. Gloria Patri", a Christian prayer, a doxology or short hymn of praise to God in various Christian liturgies
*Glorification, term for the canonization of a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church

In music:
*"Glory" (single), a single by KMFDM
*"Glory", a 1978 single by Television
*"Glory! Glory!", an early single by Underworld
*Glory (singer), a reggaeton singer
*"The Glory", single from Kanye West's 3rd album "Graduation"
*"Glory," a song by Audio Adrenaline from their 2001 album Lift

In film and television:
*"Glory" (film), a 1989 film depicting the story of a regiment of African-American soldiers in the American Civil War
*Glorificus or Glory, a goddess from a hell dimension on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

In sport:
*Perth Glory FC, an Australian football (soccer) team

Other uses:
*Glory (optical phenomenon), an optical phenomenon produced by light reflected toward its source by a cloud of uniformly-sized water droplets
*"Glory", in board wargaming, the Pacific War counterpart to the Europa series of games, and also the name of the first module in GMT Games' Gameplayers series of American Civil War games
*HMS "Glory", the name of various ships of the Royal Navy
* Glory (comics), a comic book character in the Image Comics universe
*"Glory" (satellite), an earth science satellite with a proposed 2009 launch date
*"Glory" (board game), a board game designed by Richard Berg published by GMT Games
*"Glory" (novel), a 1932 novel by Vladimir Nabokov
*The Glory or the "Farr", a king's divine right to rule in Persian mythology
*Imperial Glory, a computer game about the Napoleonic Wars

See also:
*Glory hole

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