List of optical topics

List of optical topics

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Abbe number β€”
Abbe prism β€”
Abbe sine condition β€”
Aberration in optical systems β€”
Absorption β€”
Absorption spectrum β€”
Active laser medium β€”
Afterglow β€”
Airglow β€”
Airy disk β€”
Albedo β€”
Alexander's band β€”
Alpenglow β€”
Angle of incidence β€”
Angle of reflection β€”
Anti-reflective coating β€”
Arago spot β€”
Asterism (astronomy) β€”
Asterism (gemmology) β€”
Aspheric lens β€”
Atmospheric diffraction β€”
Atom optics β€”
Atomic, molecular, and optical physics β€”
Aura (optics) β€”
Auroral light β€”
Avalanche photodiode β€”
Aventurescence β€”
Axicon β€”


Barrel distortion β€”
Beam splitter β€”
Beer-Lambert law β€”
Binoculars β€”
Birefringence β€”
Black body radiation β€”
Brewster's angle β€”
Brewster window β€”
Brightness temperature β€”
Brillouin scattering


Camera β€”
Camera lens β€”
Camera lucida β€”
Camera obscura β€”
Candela β€”
Cardinal point (optics) β€”
Cassegrain reflector β€”
Cathodoluminescence β€”
Caustic (optics) β€”
Caustics β€”
Chatoyancy β€”
Chemical laser β€”
Chromatic aberration β€”
Chromaticity β€”
Chromaticity diagram β€”
Chrominance β€”
Circle of confusion β€”
Circular dichroism β€”
Coherence length β€”
Coherence (physics) β€”
Coherence time -
Collimated light β€”
Color β€”
Colorimetry β€”
Color science β€”
Confocal β€”
Confocal laser scanning microscopy β€”
Concave lens β€”
Concave mirror β€”
Convex lens β€”
Convex mirror β€”
Cooke triplet β€”
Corner reflector β€”
Crystal optics β€”


Dark state β€”
Densitometry β€”
Depolarizer (optics) β€”
Diaphragm (optics) β€”
Dichroism β€”
Dichroic filter β€”
Dichroic prism β€”
Diffraction β€”
Diffraction grating β€”
Diffractive optics β€”
Dispersion (optics) β€”
Double-Gauss lens β€”
Double refraction β€”
Double-slit experiment β€”


EDFA β€”
Effect of sun angle on climate β€”
Electro-optic effect β€”
Electroluminescence β€”
Electromagnetic radiation β€”
Electromagnetic spectrum β€”
Electromagnetic wave β€”
Elve β€”
Emission spectrum β€”
Entrance pupil β€”
Exit pupil β€”
Eyeglass prescription β€”
Etalon β€”
Evanescent wave β€”
Excimer laser β€”
Eye β€”
Eyepiece β€”


f-number β€”
fabrication and testing (optical components) β€”
Faraday effect β€”
far point β€”
fata Morgana β€”
Fermat's principle β€”
fiber amplifier β€”
fiber optics β€”
filter (optics) β€”
Fizeau-Foucault apparatus β€”
Flat mirror β€”
fluorescence β€”
focal length β€”
focal point (optics) β€”
focus β€”
Folded optics β€”
Fourier optics β€”
Fraunhofer diffraction β€”
Fraunhofer line β€”
free-space optical communication β€”
Augustin-Jean Fresnel β€”
Fresnel equations β€”
Fresnel lens β€”
Fresnel number β€”
Fresnel reflection β€”
Fresnel zone β€”


gain-switching β€”
Gaussian beam β€”
gegenschein β€”
geometrical optics β€”
Glan-Foucault prism β€”
Glan-laser prism β€”
Glan-Taylor prism β€”
Glan-Thompson prism β€”
glory (optical phenomenon) β€”
gloss (material appearance) β€”
gradient index lens β€”
gradient index optics β€”
guided-wave optics β€”


Haidinger's brush β€”
halo (optical phenomenon) β€”
Helium-neon laser β€”
history of lensmaking β€”
holography β€”
human visual system β€”
Huygens' principle β€”


Illumination engineering β€”
Image processing β€”
Incandescence β€”
Information theory β€”
Integrated optics β€”
Interference β€”
Interferometry β€”
Inverse-square law β€”
Iridescence β€”
International Commission on Illuminationβ€”


Jones calculus β€”


Kerr cell β€”
Kerr effect β€”
Kerr-lens modelocking β€”
knife-edge effect β€”


Laser β€”
Laser construction β€”
Laser applications β€”
Laser pumping β€”
Laser science β€”
Lasing threshold β€”
Least distance of distinct vision β€”
Lens (optics) β€”
Light β€”
Light bulb β€”
Light-emitting diode β€”
Light meter β€”
Liquid-crystal display β€”
Liquid scintillation counting β€”
List of fiber optic terms β€”
List of indices of refraction β€”
List of lens designs β€”
List of wave topics β€”
Luminance β€”
Luminiferous aether β€”
Luminosity β€”
Luminous intensity β€”
Lumen β€”
Lustre (mineralogy) β€”
Lux β€”


magnifying glass β€”
material science - optical properties β€”
metamerism β€”
Michelson-Morley experiment β€”
micro-optics β€”
microphotonics β€”
microscope β€”
Mie scattering β€”
mirage β€”
mirror β€”
modelocking β€”
modern optics β€”
monochromator β€”
monocular β€”
multilayer optics β€”


Natural Color System β€”
Newton's rings β€”
Nicol prism β€”
Nomarski prism β€”
non-imaging optics β€”
nonlinear optics β€”
normal lens β€”
numerical aperture β€”


off-axis optical system β€”
optical axis β€”
optical axis gratings β€”
optical bench β€”
optical coating β€”
optical communication β€”
optical computer β€”
optical data storage (science of) β€”
optical depth β€”
optical disc β€”
optical distance β€”
optical engineering β€”
optical fiber β€”
optical fiber connector β€”
optical illusion β€”
optical instrument β€”
optical isotropy β€”
optical lens design β€”
optical modeling and simulation β€”
optical path β€”
optical path length β€”
optical pattern recognition β€”
optical phenomenon β€”
optical processor β€”
optical resonator β€”
optical spectrum β€”
optical tweezers β€”
optical waveguide β€”
optical window β€”
optics β€”


paraxial approximation β€”
pattern recognition β€”
pentaprism β€”
penumbra β€”
phase (waves) β€”
phosphorescence β€”
phot β€”
photodiode β€”
photoelectric effect β€”
photographic lens β€”
photography (science of) β€”
photometry β€”
photomultiplier β€”
photon β€”
photonic crystal β€”
photonics β€”
photon polarization β€”
photorefractive effect β€”
photoresistor β€”
physical optics β€”
pincushion distortion β€”
pinhole camera β€”
piston (optics) β€”
pleochroism β€”
Pockels effect β€”
polarimeter β€”
polarization β€”
Polaroid β€”
population inversion β€”
Porro prism β€”
prime lens β€”
principal focus β€”
principle of least time β€”
prism (optics) β€”
prism compressor β€”
progressive lenses β€”


Q-switching β€”
quantum optics β€”
quantum well laser β€”


Radial polarisation β€”
Radiometry β€”
radius of curvature β€”
Rainbow β€”
Raman amplification β€”
Raman amplifier β€”
Ray (optics) β€”
Rayleigh criterion β€”
Rayleigh scattering β€”
Ray tracing β€”
Ray transfer matrix analysis β€”
Reflecting telescope β€”
Reflection (optics) β€”
Refracting telescope β€”
Refraction β€”
Reflection coefficient β€”
Refractive index β€”
Refractometer β€”
Retroreflector β€”
RGB color model β€”
Rochon Prism β€”
Rotating wave approximation

scattering β€”
scintillator β€”
scintillation β€”
Sellmeier equation β€”
SΓ©narmont prism β€”
shadow β€”
slit experiment β€”
Willebrord Snell β€”
Snell's law β€”
spatial filter β€”
speckle pattern β€”
speckle interferometry β€”
spectroscopy β€”
speed of light β€”
spontaneous emission β€”
sprite (optical phenomenon) β€”
statistical optics β€”
stereoscopy β€”
stimulated emission β€”
Stokes parameters β€”
sun dog β€”
sunlight β€”
sylvanshine β€”
synchrotron radiation β€”


telescope β€”
thermal physics - radiative heat transfer β€”
thin-film optics β€”
tilt (optics) β€”
total internal reflection β€”
transparency (optics) β€”
transverse mode β€”
triangular prismtriangular prism!β€”> β€”
Tyndall effect


ultraviolet catastrophe β€”
umbra β€”
Umov effect β€”


waveguide β€”
wavelength β€”
wavelength division multiplexing β€”
wave plate β€”
wide-angle lens β€”
Wollaston prism β€”


Zeeman effect β€”
Zeiss Tessar β€”
zodiacal light β€”
zone plate β€”
zoom lens β€”

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