List of largest buildings in the world

List of largest buildings in the world

otheruses4|the largest buildings in the world|a list of the tallest buildings|List of tallest buildings and structures in the worldThis list of largest buildings in the world ranks buildings from around the world by usable space (volume) and floor space (area). The term 'building' used by this list refers to single structures that are suitable for continuous human occupancy. There are a few exceptions which include factories and warehouses.

Boeing's factory in Washington, United States is presently the largest building by volume while the Aalsmeer Flower Auction in The Netherlands is the largest building by area. The floor area of the planned Crystal Island, Moscow complex will be more than double that of the Aalsmeer Flower Auction building. [cite web
title=Foster + Partners creates the world’s largest inhabited building

Largest usable space

This list ranks the buildings throughout the world with the largest amount of usable space.
* Boeing's Everett Factory is currently the worlds largest, being used to assemble a selection of the company's largest aircraft. This building is 13.3 million m³ (472 million cu ft) and covers 398,000 m² (98.3 acres) of land. The McDermott Building in San Antonio, TX has 4.22 million sq ft.
* The Aerium was built to house the construction of a giant airship, although the airship was never completed this building now houses an indoor, artificial tropical resort.
* NASAs Vehicle Assembly Building once housed the Saturn V rocket and is 160 m tall.

List of the world's largest shopping malls

This is a list of the world's 20 largest shopping malls, based on gross leasable area (GLA) rather than total area. [cite web
title=World's largest shopping malls
] [cite web
title=Forbes list of large shopping malls


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