Greek names of mountains

This is a list of mountain tops and ranges in Greece and around the world that have a Greek name.

GreekEnglish name(s), [other name(s)] - [older name(s)] , [Area]
ΑιγάλεωMount Aegaleo, Aigaleo, Aegaleus, Piraeus
ΑίνοςMount Ainos
ΆλπειςAlps, France to Austria
ΑππενίνεςApennines, Italian Peninsula
ΑροανίαMount Aroania, aka Chelmos
ΒεργίναMount Vergina
ΓερανείαMount Geraneia
ΔίβρηMount Divri, Greece
ΔίρφυςMount Dirphys
Έλικον, -κοMount Helicon
ΖήριαMount Ziria, aka Kyllini (Cyllene), Achaea-Corinthia
ΚυλλήνηMount Kyllini (Cyllene) aka Ziria
ΛυκάβηττοςMount Lycabettos, Lykabettos, Lycabettus
Μαίναλον, -λοMount Maenalon, Mainalon
ΜίνθηMount Minthe, Ilia
ΟηνόηMount Oenoe, Greece
ΟίτηςMount Oitis
ΌλυμποςMount Olympus, Greece
Όλυμπος (Κύπρος)Mount Olympus, Cyprus
ΌσσαMount Ossa
Παντωκράτορ,-ραςMount Pantokrator, some prefer Pantocrator
ΠάρνασσοςMount Parnassus, Boeotia, Phocis
ΠάρνηθαMount Parnetha/Parnitha, Athens
ΠεννίοεςPennines, Scotland
ΠεντέληMount Pentele/Penteli, Athens
Πήλιον, -ιοPelius Mountains
ΠίνδοςPindus/Pindos Mountains
ΣκόλλιςMount Skollis, some prefer Mount Scollis
ΤαύγετοςMount Taygetus, Taygetos
ΎμηττοςMount Hymettus, Athens
ΦολόηMount Pholoe, Ilia, Greece
ΧελμοςMount Chelmos aka Aroania, Achaea
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