The redingote is a type of coat that has had several forms over time. The name is derived from a French alteration of the English "riding coat".

Women's redingote

The first form of the redingote was in the 1700s, when it was used for travel on horseback. This coat was a bulky, utilitarian garment. It would begin to evolve into a fashionable accessory in the early 1800s, when women began wearing a tighter-fitting, princesse-cut versions. Italian fashion also picked it up (the "redingotte"), adapting it for more formal occasions.

The "redingote à la Hussar" was trimmed with parallel rows of horizontal braid in the fashion of Hussars' uniforms.

The style continued to evolve through the late 19th century, until it took a form similar to today's redingote. The newer form is marked by a close fit at the chest and waist, a belt, and a flare toward the hem.

Men's redingote

The men's redingote was an 18th century or early 19th century long coat or greatcoat, derived from the country garment with a wide, flat collar called a "frock" In French, "redingote" is the usual term for a fitted frock coat. The form a men's redingote took could be of the tightly fitting frock coat style, or the more voluminous, loose "great coat" style, replete with overlapping capes or collars, such as a "garrick" redingote.

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