name = "Mabuya"

image_width = 240px
image_caption= Bridled Mabuya, "Mabuya vittata"
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Reptilia (paraphyletic)
unranked_ordo = Sauria
ordo = Squamata (paraphyletic)
infraordo = Scincomorpha
familia = Scincidae
subfamilia = Lygosominae
genus = "Mabuya"
genus_authority =
subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision =Over 120, but see text.

"Mabuya" is a genus of long-tailed skinks, found through Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Americas. They are primarily carnivorous, though many are omnivorous. The monophyly of this genus requires confirmation.


*"Mabuya acutilabris"
*"Mabuya affinis"
*"Mabuya agilis"
*"Mabuya albilabris"
*"Mabuya allapallensis"
*"Mabuya andamanensis"
*"Mabuya angolensis"
*"Mabuya arajara"
*"Mabuya atlantica"
*"Mabuya aurata"
*"Mabuya aureopunctata"
*"Mabuya bayonii"
*"Mabuya beddomii" – Beddome's Mabuya
*"Mabuya bensonii"
*"Mabuya berengerae"
*"Mabuya betsileana"
*"Mabuya bibronii"
*"Mabuya binotata"
*"Mabuya bistriata"
*"Mabuya bocagii"
*"Mabuya boettgeri"
*"Mabuya bontocensis"
*"Mabuya boulengeri"
*"Mabuya brauni"
*"Mabuya brevicollis"
*"Mabuya breviparietalis"
*"Mabuya buettneri"
*"Mabuya caissara"
*"Mabuya capensis"
*"Mabuya carinata" – Keeled Indian Mabuya
*"Mabuya carvalhoi"
*"Mabuya chimbana"
*"Mabuya clivicola" – Inger's Mabuya
*"Mabuya cochabambae"
*"Mabuya comorensis"
*"Mabuya croizati"
*"Mabuya cumingi"
*"Mabuya darevskii"
*"Mabuya delalandii"
*"Mabuya dissimilis" – Striped Grass Mabuya
*"Mabuya dorsivittata"
*"Mabuya dumasi"
*"Mabuya elegans"
*"Mabuya englei"
*"Mabuya falconensis"
*"Mabuya ferrarai"
*"Mabuya fogoensis"
*"Mabuya frenata"
*"Mabuya gansi"
*"Mabuya geisthardti"
*"Mabuya gravenhorstii"
*"Mabuya guaporicola"
*"Mabuya heathi"
*"Mabuya hemmingi"
*"Mabuya hildae"
*"Mabuya hildebrandtii"
*"Mabuya hoeschi"
*"Mabuya homalocephala"
*"Mabuya indeprensa"
*"Mabuya infralineata"
*"Mabuya innotata" – Blanford's Mabuya
*"Mabuya irregularis"
*"Mabuya ivensii"
*"Mabuya lacertiformis"
*"Mabuya laevis"
*"Mabuya lavarambo"
*"Mabuya lineolata"
*"Mabuya longicaudata"
*"Mabuya mabouya"
*"Mabuya macleani"
*"Mabuya macrophthalma"
*"Mabuya macrorhyncha"
*"Mabuya macularia" – Bronze Mabuya
*"Mabuya maculata"
*"Mabuya maculilabris"
*"Mabuya madagascariensis"
*"Mabuya margaritifera"
*"Mabuya megalura"
*"Mabuya mekuana"
*"Mabuya mlanjensis"
*"Mabuya multicarinata"
*"Mabuya multifasciata" – East Indian Brown Mabuya
*"Mabuya nagarjuni" – Sharma's Mabuya
*"Mabuya nancycoutuae"
*"Mabuya nigropalmata"
*"Mabuya nigropunctata"
*"Mabuya novemcarinata" – Anderson's Mabuya
*"Mabuya occidentalis"
*"Mabuya pendeana"
*"Mabuya perrotetii"
*"Mabuya planifrons"
*"Mabuya polytropis"
*"Mabuya punctulata"
*"Mabuya quadratilobus"
*"Mabuya quadricarinata" – Beautiful Mabuya
*"Mabuya quinquetaeniata"
*"Mabuya rodenburgi"
*"Mabuya rudis" – Rough Mabuya
*"Mabuya rugifera" – Nicobar Island Skink
*"Mabuya seychellensis"
*"Mabuya socotrana"
*"Mabuya spilogaster"
*"Mabuya spinalis"
*"Mabuya stangeri"
*"Mabuya stanjorgeri"
*"Mabuya striata"
*"Mabuya sulcata"
*"Mabuya tandrefana"
*"Mabuya tavaratra"
*"Mabuya tessellata"
*"Mabuya trivittata" – Three-banded Mabuya
*"Mabuya tytleri" – Tytler's Mabuya
*"Mabuya unimarginata"
*"Mabuya vaillantii"
*"Mabuya varia"
*"Mabuya variegata"
*"Mabuya vato"
*"Mabuya vezo"
*"Mabuya vittata" – Bridled Mabuya
*"Mabuya volamenaloha"
*"Mabuya wingati"
*"Mabuya wrightii"

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