List of U.S. government designations for places

List of U.S. government designations for places

This is a list of U.S. government designations for places.
* National Battlefield
* National Battlefield Park
* National Battlefield Site
* National Biosphere Reserve
* National Cemetery
* National Conservation Area
* National Estuarine Research Reserve
* National Fish Hatchery System
* National Forest
* National Grassland
* National Historic Area
* National Historic Landmark
* National Historic Place
* National Historical Reserve
* National Historic Route
* National Historic Seaport
* National Historic Site
* National Historic Trail
* National Historical Park
* National Lakeshore
* National Memorial
* National Marine Sanctuaries
* National Military Park
* National Monument
* National Natural Landmark
* National Park
* National Parkway
* National Preserve
* National Primitive Area
* National Recreation Area
* National Recreation Trail
* National Reserve
* National River
* National Scenic Area
* National Scenic Byway
* National Scenic Research Area
* National Scenic Riverway
* National Scenic Trail
* National Seashore
* National Volcanic Monument
* National Wild and Scenic River
* National Wilderness Area
* National Wildlife Refuge
* Research Natural Area
* Wilderness Study Area


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